Friday, May 30, 2008

Evening Primrose Oil- eat it or wear it!

Eat it or wear it!

Either way Evening Primrose Oil will help your homones to get into balance. Girl, you need balance. Especially with those hormones of yours.

Evening Primrose Oil will rectify darn near everything that has been ailing you.

Evening Primrose Oil eleviates stiffness, soreness, weakness, laziness, [OOPS! did I say that?] Evening Primrose Oil soothes the beast of PMS, too. So let's talk about PMS and EPO. I've found it to be the cure to the BEAST syndrome! But it won't do you a bit of good if you don't eat it or wear it, girl.

Ok, so I have been down right moody lately. Ripped a few heads off this week and if swallowing a few EPO pills and rubbing it on my body will soothe the beast in me- then here goes nothing!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why does it seem like Health Gurus don't agree?

And you thought you suffered from TMI, try too much Conflicting Information!

Conflicting information wasn't baffling me by the time I found this path of eating smart for better health. I had already been down many a path of non congruent answers with the medical profession.

Why does it seem that there is so much conflicting information when it comes to gaining better health?

What is happening? Why don't the health gurus agree on what works?

Why does each guy tell a different way to gain better health? This can be so confusing.

I am beginning to grasp it. There was a time in my yesterdays that I was phenomenally healthy. I had been doing things in concert with alternative practitioners at that time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why do a Liver Cleanse?

Do you know what a liver cleanse is? It is a clearing out of the stones that are blocking the flow in your liver ducts.

After a series of liver cleansing purges your liver will function better in an unblocked state. You will be able to stand up to viral infections and be healthy.

Your colon must be healthy and clean before liver cleansing. If you suspicion candida, then you have holes in your colon. Please don't take on a liver cleanse until your colon has healed.

Maybe your colon isn't prepared to have a bunch of hardend toxic crud sent into it. Get your colon healthy first.

You have to change the way you eat -Make that- You have to change the way you live. It is a total lifestyle change to move from the way you think about food to the way you will think about it when you are well- when you colon is healthy.

If you are already living clean and are ready for the next level then listen to what John Tripodi said...

It is true that a liver cleanse should not be done until your colon is working properly. That includes removing mucoid plaque, killing all stages of parasites and rebalancing your friendly bacteria. Then and only then will your liver benefit from any cleanse. It is important to note, by properly cleansing your colon you will be inadvertantly also cleansing your liver, gall bladder, pancreas as well as virtually every other organ in your body. It all starts with the colon.

Any questions? Feel free to contact John Tripodi thru

Thanks for your input John!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Flax Seed Oil is Brain food, Girl!

Flax Seed Oil will make you smart, diminish allergies, give you glowing skin -
Diminish the risk of allergies and heart troubles. Improve digestion.

Most health issues are related to digestive insufficiencies which lead to cancer. Cancer means your body is confused.

Flax Seed Oil is a documented anti-cancer agent. Four ounces of nonfat cottage cheese and three tablespoons of fresh Flax Seed Oil each day for three months. The EFA's go right into the blood stream. {1953 research - Bugwig} Sounds pretty good, eh?

I am researching the effectiveness of using cultured vegis as the medium in place of the cottage cheese since both are sulfur-rich. Try it and tell me how it works for you!

Help your body to wise up. Ingest this stuff. You will feel better.

It alleviates depression and the desire to drink [alcohol] excessively. Now there's a good reason to take your Flax!

Of all the environmental factors in your life, you have complete control over what you put into your mouth.

You need this oil to get your adrenal hormones working appropriately (sex hormones, too, so give some to your man).

And while I am on that topic, you can overcome vaginal dryness as well as lack of fertility. More fun! When your body is healthy you won't suffer those kind of female issues. Make sure your man gets his daily dose of EFA's. Mix it into that cottage cheese or cultured vegis. Add some Celtic Sea Salt. Yummy!

Try Barlean's or Omega Nutrition's Flax Seed Oil.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A day in the life of the Chemically Sensitive

We wake up with a hangover from the previous day's insults which are from the neighborhoods smells. Specifically, it's the laundry smells in the air. It forced us to shut up all our windows despite the beautiful weather. Another perfectly good day blown by the dryer sheet stench.

So it's morning now and the smells are nearly gone. We've had our windows open since a bit before midnight though there was still a lingering funky smell. We need to get that cleansing and wonderful smell of the morning. Ah! I enjoy waking up to that freshness.

My kids are dragging around trying to muster strength to open their eyelids. They've showered, dressed, and are waiting for breakfast. Hey, they are actually up! I better go feed them. They can't seem to get up the gumption to walk into the kitchen. Not enough strength to argue yet either. HA!

It's soft boiled eggs, eggs over easy, and lightly scrambled eggs for breakfast. Gotta alkalize their little systems. Have some kombucha, boys! This girl is heading into the kitchen.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lose weight! HOW? Get More Sleep!

Losing fat is hard to do.

To lose fat your body must believe that there is no famine, plenty of food to be had, so that it needn't retain fat. And then your metabolism must be high enough to burn fat off. And you know the one common thread to many studies? People who don't get enough sleep don't seem to be able to lose weight, whereas people who get plenty of sleep have an easier time losing weight. [hint- go to bed earlier!]

There are many theories, having to do with stress, and other such ideas, but I have a very different one, having to do with survival in the wild.

When is the one time when an animal can have a calorie deficit (metabolism is higher than food intake), yet not eat any food at all, and still not take that as a sign of famine? How about this: when the animal is asleep!

For that reason it is very likely that your sleeping metabolism is even more important than your waking metabolism. The only facet of your sleeping metabolism that you have control over is how much muscle mass you have.

So if instead of trying too fast and dropping ten pounds of muscle you used the SCT/XFT style of training for 6 months and added 10 lbs of muscle you'd be burning 300 to 500 extra calories a day.

All other things being equal just how much fat would you lose if you burned an extra 300 to 500 calories a day?

How much fat is that? It's about one pound of fat every 10 days, or about 3 lbs of fat a month.

Some of that fat would come from inside your muscles, making them look more toned. Some of that fat would come from outside making them look more defined.

Now here's the great part, you are losing that regularly even if you stop at just 10 extra lbs of muscle. If you keep going for a year you can double that rate of fat loss.

It isn't fast, but it isn't the yo-yo diet of the month club either....

Learn more about Static Contraction Training from Tony Reno.

Get off the computer and get more sleep, girl!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vibrant Health Can Be Yours If You Know The Secrets

Fabulous health

The secret is to focus on your goal to attain Vibrant Health. Give it a 100% chance.

Write these Questions down on paper and review each morning to help you focus. Write down your answers. Have it always before you. I have mine on the wall in my room. These were what I started with to create my driving force and create my life plan. Now I have a Tony Robbins RPM planner for all this stuff. Get the RPM program.

I try to make the question cut to the heart of the matter:

What do I want? Do I want to move forward and create a life that has depth and meaning? What does 'healthy' look like? What does Vibrant Health feel like? What will my life be like when I hold this gem within me? What will I do? Who will I become? Where will I go? How will I sped my life differently? What kind of new meaning will my life hold when I am feeling well?

Keep your focus- what you focus on expands. Choose what is right for you. If you are searching for health then you will find it.

Here is what focusing on your goals can look like. Apply the principles to your life.

Now make the Commitment to yourself for gaining Vibrant Health. Make your schedule reflect your desires. Do it for yourself, girl!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How-To: Finding Kombucha and Kefir cultures

How does one go about finding one near them who would have these Kombucha and Kefir cultures?

Frank's Kombucha
International Kefir List
Dom's Kefir In-site
Dom's Kombucha and Vinegar Making pages

Here's how to find these pages:

For our first example here we will use the "Frank's Kombucha" keywords. Enter the quoted words (without the quotations) into the search engine. Be sure to click the radio button which says 'web' first so it will search everywhere for you. Then click 'Google Search'.

Do this with "International Kefir List" then "Dom's Kefir In-site" and finally "Kombucha and Vinegar Making" - you'll be certain to find someone geographically near you with Kombucha and Kefir Cultures.

Let me know when you are (or aren't!) successful at find others.

Cultures are living- alive. They grow. When someone is out of cultures it may take up to 6 months to finally have enough to share. So ask others if they have ANY and even if they can't share now could they possibly have some 6 months from now and how much would they like to ship it to you.

$20 for a Kombucha is a bargain. Figure at least $8 for shipping.

But Kefir... Their value is high. And if you were to culture kefir grains for the sole purpose of profit you'd have to charge $50 a teaspoon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Refreshing Tasty Water

I once read how much water to drink based on body weight. My thought was, "Just start drinking now. You'll catch up someday." So I began to drink water.

It is the perfect refreshment. My compexion began to clear and my skin began to look prettier. My hair wasn't so oily- to go along with those dry, ugly, split ends.

Water is the great fat flusher. Drink enough and toxins will be flushed out as well. Your thinking will be more clear. You can bet on fewer headaches plus a lessening of the migraines. The bowels begin to move more frequently and your abdomen won't be so distended.

Make sure the water you drink it filtered. The simple solution is a water filter that attachs to your shower. They are so simple to put on- even grandma can do it. A Pur filtration jug is even easier.

Don't chug a quart at a time. Just sipping an ounce or two every quarter hour would be absorbed much better. That way you won't have to wiz too often. You can't believe I said that. But I did, Gee Wiz!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Evil Additives - in your food!

I took an excursion into the realm of prepared food this past week. It has been an experience worthy of publishing.

I don't have flour in my regular diet so when I saw a gluten free donut- it was a donut - I liked donuts- it was a cinnamon suger covered donuts. This donut had no gluten but it had what I remember to be that familiar thick texture in the mouth- like one would expect of a gluten filled donut.

I did explore the label. I did note carboxy methylcellulose as something weird to have in an ingestible product.

But I ate the donut anyway

The next morning, in much abdominal pain, I attempted to .. well, the normal AM routine.. you get up; you go pee; - (it stopped there) -
...waiting on the pee thing
...."you go pee!" wish you could pee meditate on the 'go pee'idea begin to pray to the God of all creation that He will grant you the ability to PEE because the pain is intensifying and the tears begin to stream down your face

It intensifies from there with the knowlege of the location of your right kidney as the pain increases. I kid you not, that kidney was crying out in pain as was I.

LORD have mercy on me, the idiot who CAN read and take note of a weird substance noted on the label but....

She ate the donut anyway.

Death by Donut

Carboxymethylcellulose is associated with anaphalactic shock, that's my huff about it. Using this in a food product for gluten free applications knowing that people who have severe allergies are the target audience is a sin to begin with right there and it must stop! I consider it an act of terrorism on a certain group of severely sensitive individuals- me, my people, my sisters and brothers of EI/MCS and food allergy/intolerant persons- We are being targetted for death by donut.

But aren't donuts supposed to be harmless?

Let's start of with a brief forray into what Carboxymethylcellulose does in real life in a relativly inert substance, like say, a body of water. Carboxymethylcellulose is used to increase viscosity. It gels the water.

So, what is it that this additive, Carboxy methylcellulose, does to the intricate and brilliantly designed human body?

Typical use of Carboxy Methylcellulose are in gel applications (sub-dermal injections as well) to the body after surgery (to put something in a certain place to increase the likely hood of less scaring) but what the heck does any of this have to do with Carboxymethylcellulose as a food additive?

Who cares, right? Why is this of interest?

Is it okay for a donut to put you at risk for anaphalactic shock and subsequently death?

Is this okay with you? It is not okay with me. Kids eat donuts. Kids are more sensitive than adults. Kids are more likely to go over-kill on the donut eating freanzy. Kids are more likely to die slow painful deaths... by donut. It hurts. It was a very painful experience. It IS what I am experiencing RIGHT NOW. The Carboxy Methylcellulose is still in effect.

Check out these produts that have Carboxymethylcellulose as an ingredient If that link doesn't work, just copy and paste this [in pieces] into your browser:

CMC (Carboxy Methylcellulose) has been tested on lab rats in the area of consti[ation and the emptying of the bowels. Where the heck are they going with that one? What is the point of releiving consti[pation athe rick of damaging the kidneys? Like a person with one problem is going to willingly compromise one part of their sytem for the other. I think not. At least not unless someone deliberately LIES to them about the effects of CMC and merely implies theat a 'side- effcet' could be renal failure. As if any possible effect is inadvertant- it's not!

Our Company Contact Us Mainpage

CARBOXYMETHYLCELLULOSE is a semisynthetic water-soluble polymer
in which CH2COOH groups are substituted on the glucose units of the
cellulose chain through an ether linkage.

Colorless, odorless, nontoxic, water soluble powder or granules, pH 6,5-8,0 :
stable in pH range 2 – 10. Insoluble in organic liquids. Reacts with heavy-methal
salts to form films that are insoluble in water, transparent and unaffected by
organic materials.

Detergents, soaps, food products ( especially dietetic foods and ice cream ),
where it acts as water binder, thickener, suspending agent, and emulsion
stabilizer, textile manufacturing (sizing); coating paper and paper board to
lower porosity, drilling muds, emulsion paints, protective colloid,
pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Get your own Kefir Grains
because Kefir is so yummy!



Go to to search for International Kefir List then Frank Gunther if that doesn't prove successful.

When you DO get your own kefir grains (from somebody else)...

Make delicious home cultured Kefir with your very own grains. Haven't found those kefir curds yet? Get the real thing here.

Don't get taken into buying starter packets that give you only a few batches of fakey kefir. Get the real thing!

This is a photo of two tablespoons of live kefir grains, all rinsed off so you can see exactly what they really look like:

Official PayPal Seal

Kefir tastes slightly tart yet crisp. It is very healing and easy to make. I start with real kefir grains and a good raw organic goat milk because they thrive in it. You drink the liquid; that's the kefir we're talking about.

Get real live kefir grains!

Cool, yeah? Kefir curds are kinda like calimari - if you chew on them. That's squid, I tell ya. Calimari is squid. And these kefir grains are like having real good squid to chew on. Just make sure you grow enough of a surplus before you go munching them all down, k?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kefir - May 17th

I can see that the kefir grains are about to go on a growth spurt.
The milk is available. Shipping of the kefir grains will resume Monday the 22nd for foreign orders and Tuesdays the 23rd for the United States. I will send you an email with your tracking number.

Did you know?

Kombucha cultures are always available.

During the kefir drought we did ship out so many kombucha that at one time I had only 10 of those babies left and began to panic- how was I going to fill kombucha orders ?!? We started a sort of Kombucha Nursery and grew them at a lesser diameter and would you know it? They grew thicker too! The kombucha from the nursery are very smooth and beautiful. This smaller size helps us keep the shipping costs down as well. Yoda says, "Good for everyone this new Kombucha nursery is."

Monday, April 17, 2006

Google me

Want to put this blog on your Google home page? Just right click on this:

Add to Google

Now you've Gooogled me.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tampon Failure is THE CURSE!

Why put up with something that you know is going to fail you, girl? Tampons fail you every month. Don't put up with that! Besides, they are toxifying your body when it is trying to clean itself out.

I found something that won't fail you like the ever absorbent Tampon. It won't prevent your body from doing what it so desperately needs to do to help you get better health.

"It's Time For Tampon Failure! or is it Time You Experience The Freedom of a Menstrual Cup? I gotta tell you about this menstrual cup thing, girl! It is the alternative to this bloody panty syndrome.

Can you remember one month when you have NOT experienced tampon failure?

I have just enjoyed many months of freedom now and it is fabulous. No more tampon failure. No more fishy smell. No nasty chemical smells at all. You know that distinct scent when you're on the rag? Ugh. No more paper 'feminine product' means no more funky smells. Get set FREE!

Get your own menstrual cup.

Healthy Fat- Are you sure about that?

I started adding healthy fats to my diet back in 1996 and right away I began to drop weight and make my hormones happy, too.

Healthy fats get your thyroid working better. Without a healthy functioning thyroid you will be obese!

Oh, did you think all fats were bad? Now you will think again, eh, girl!

Your womanly body thrives on healthy fats. If you don't get enough into your body then your needy body will desperately create, yes, manufacture more than it needs in its confusion so that it can use the nutrients that you ingest while you end up putting on the pounds! You don't want that, girl!

I am going to make the best of these healthy fats available to you. I am looking for the suppliers with the best price. I search frequently for best prices on wise supplement choices- these three are the best I have found as far as products themselves.

Purity Farms Ghee
Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil
Carlson's Cod Liver Oil

It didn't take long before the benefits of coconut fat use showed up IN my skin.

I glow. I feel better. Fewer blemishes. My thyroid disturbances aren't so traumatic when I get enough coconut fat and raw butter into me.

Not having food cravings all day and improved digestion are all great reasons to eat these healthy fats.

Here is something to improve your health. Ingest this healthy fat cocktail: (some) Cod liver oil, (some) ghee and (some) zinc. I take a tablespoon each of those healthy fats and 30 mg of zinc gluconate if I haven't had any seaweed.

What does it do? Re-enamalizes the teeth. Now that's some healthy fat! So how's that for healthcare AND dental insurance?

Who said fats weren't healthy? You know better now, girl. And now you can eat healthy fats for yourself and enjoy the benefits of your wise choices.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vile Bile- Liver Cleanse Superior

According to Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Diseases, which I highly recommend [find it FREE at your local library or excerpts of it online], my liver has finally been cleared sufficiently to go to the next level, whatever that may be. My bile is now to a beautiful bright green.

Beautiful. Bright green. Bile. Have you ever smelled bile? The smell of bile is horrendous! But mine is a beautiful bright green.

What I had been working on was clearing my liver. I did a course of liver cleansing which was in-depth and took a year of scheduled cleanses.

Six cleanses. One every two to three weeks.

Then moving onto cleansing at seven days prior to each solstice and equinox. There are two each, twice yearly.

Each time I would check for the indicators that I was on target. I recommend that if you are interested in cleansing your body, your bowels, your liver, that you read Hulda Clark's book - The Cure for all diseases. Find excerpts at - while this isn't HER site it is info you need to make wise choices about your life and about getting better health fast.

Don't be stubborn about changing because it is inconvenient. I know you love your dog and your cats- but keeping animals means not getting healthy. You come first, girl! Get rid of them and begin your path to better health fast!

I get to hear from girls who are ill who desperately want to get well -BUT- one thing, they have a pet. Their pet is a very good friend. I know. My dog was the best. Get rid of him! Parasites are eating your supplements and they are very healthy. You are not. Quit your pets. Quit your supplements. Cleanse your body. Cleanse your home, your life, your mind.

I say, if you don't have it in you to change your life, the way you are living, the way you are eating... If these things are so sacred to you, then don't even get started on a liver cleanse. I don't want to hear another BS report of 'oh, I tried everything and that didn't work'

If you are going to get a hold of yourself, girl and change your life for real, then I will help you. Ask me questions. I'll give you straight answers. There is just too much BS out there to wallow through.

When you hear someone talking about how something just didn't work - take a look at their life. Does their statement warrant you putting your life into it? Doubtful.

One year may be a long time to plan for and to execute something but aren't you worth it?

Start somewhere. Start already. Start NOW!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

try running your next 'e' mailout through SpamCheck

this free tool will help you to identify what it is
that is getting your mail chucked out of peoples inboxes
and into their junkmail folders
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)


Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC; E466) is a derivative of cellulose formed by its reaction with alkali and chloroacetic acid.

Structural unit

[Representative structure for carboxymethylcellulose]

The CMC structure is based on the b-(1®4)-D-glucopyranose polymer of cellulose. Different preparations may have different degrees of substitution, but it is generally in the range 0.6 - 0.95 derivatives per monomer unit.

Molecular structure

CMC molecules are somewhat shorter, on average, than native cellulose with uneven derivatization giving areas of high and low substitution. This substitution is mostly 2-O- and 6-O-linked, followed in order of importance by 2,6-di-O- then 3-O-, 3,6-di-O-, 2,3-di-O- lastly 2,3,6-tri-O-.linked. It appears that the substitution process is a slightly cooperative (within residues) rather than random process giving slightly higher than expected unsubstituted and trisubstituted areas. CMC molecules are most extended (rod-like) at low concentrations but at higher concentrations the molecules overlap and coil up and then, at high concentrations, entangle to become a thermoreversible gel. Increasing ionic strength and reducing pH both decrease the viscosity as they cause the polymer to become more coiled.


CMC dissolves rapidly in cold water and mainly used for controlling viscosity without gelling (CMC, at typical concentrations, does not gel even in the presence of calcium ions). As its viscosity drops during heating, it may be used to improve the volume yield during baking by encouraging gas bubble formation. Its control of viscosity allows use as thickener, phase and emulsion stabilizer (e.g. with milk casein), and suspending agent. CMC can be also used for its water-holding capacity as this is high even at low viscosity; particularly when used as the Ca2+ salt. Thus, it is used for retarding staling and reducing fat uptake into fried foods.

The average chain length and degree of substitution are of great importance; the more-hydrophobic lower substituted CMCs are thixotropic but more-extended higher substituted CMCs are pseudoplastic. At low pH, CMC may form cross-links through lactonization between carboxylic acid and free hydroxyl groups.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is there an escape from MCS?

Is there an escape from MCS? We lived with MCS for 20 years believing that short of a miracle, there was no escape from MCS. The best you could do was escape from society, get as healthy as possible, and suffer as few chemical exposures as possible. If there is an escape from MCS, we’ll never go back to a life that is filled with chemicals. We’ll still avoid chemicals as much as possible. But, perhaps we won’t have to avoid others who are exposed to them.
If there is an escape from MCS, it is not a cure. A cure would be...MCS Escape!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Looking Young, Feeling like Crap... WHY?!?

I wondered about this looking-so-young-for-my-age thing. Does it have to do with not having lived much of a life?

Environmental Illness {EI} is no laughing matter, but laugh with me for a moment:

"Many people wonder why EI's look so young for their age-
It's because they are so well preserved in chemicals . . .
from their chemical injury."

Taken from - Lighten the Load - Humor and Hope for Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What's it like to be sick...

The sickest MCS patients are barred from public parks (where pesticides and exhaust are present), stores, churches, medical facilities, schools, street fairs, homeless shelters, public transportation, courthouses, libraries, airplanes, public meetings, and almost everywhere else you can imagine.

They are often driven out of their own homes. Many end up living outdoors or in their cars.

A survey in Western Massachusetts found that 57% of the people in that area with MCS had been homeless at some point in their illness.

People with MCS are often gradually pushed to the margins of society until they live nomadic lives, traveling to remote areas where they won'’t be injured by the chemicals most people use.

read the rest of Peggy Munson's article


I whole heartedly concur with Peggy. Know what it's like to be sick like this?

Life is a challenge beyond your wildest dreams. Forget Jones and Croft:

Try living in a life with the thrills of EI/MCS for an adventure. I double dare you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I seen my Doc yesturday ...

He's doin' purty good I guess.

Seemed kinda stressed for the mild mannered character that he is.
But he's still smarter than me...


[gotta scan that reciept]


OK, that's the silly stuff- reality is he's the good doc. Never flicks me any crap and won't let anyone do so in his presence.

Dr. John Gambee seeks to educate the patient to enable you to make better choices for yourself and to learn about what kind of changes you can make to improve your over all health.

He offers classes for his patients [and potential ones!] to help them become informed as to what a wise choice is in the areas of Nutrition and Wellness.

[need to scan that nutritional wellness classes flyer, too]

Atta boy- Good Doc!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Multiple Chemically Sensitive patient visits
the doctor of Environmental Medicine

"OK. Doctor, I understand that I am to quit work, research, travel and test environments that are free of chemicals, molds and pollens. Then, I am to build or remodel a home with no formaldehyde, natural gas or electromagnetic fields. In the meantime, I strengthen my immune system with sauna detoxification, supplements, chemically free clothing and change to a 4 day rotation, anti-candida, and pesticide free diet of tolerated foods. I just have one question . . . "

"What part of being disabled, don't you understand?"

[now go click on that title up there to see the third cartoon down on that page- by Mary Kempf]

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Something Likely to Happen where I live...

"Hello, is this here the sheriff's office?"

"Yes. What can I do for you?"

"I'm calling to report my neighbor, Virgil Smith. He's drillin' holes in his farwood and hiding marijuana inside!"

"Thank you very much for the call, sir."

The next day, the sheriff & his deputies descend on Virgil's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they split every piece of wood, but find no marijuana. They sneer at Virgil Smith and leave.

The phone rings at Virgil's house. "Hey, Virgil! This here is Floyd. Did the sheriff come?"


"Did they split yer farwood?"


"Happy Birthday, buddy!"


Welcome to Redneck Country where we know how to use our resources real good!

No american loving redkneck is gonna let his tax dollars go to waste on donut eating, coffee drinking, fat boys- no sir! We gonna keep 'em in shape those boys of ours!

Did you get that email too?
Quit forwarding yer damned emails to me!

Git yer own blog!
[To 'git cher own damned blog' simply scroll up to the top of this page to the tan line up there and click on the little button that says...

"GET YOUR OWN BLOG" It really is rather simple. You can do it. Post all those emails that you think are so funny that you just HAVE to share, share them there- not in my email box. Thank you kindly, m'am.]

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Looking for something? Use your resources!

The latest greatest tool to help you find what you are looking for on the web is free for you from Site Build It!

It's called Search It! The transformation from 'wipe out wizard' to SUPER SURFER is now at your finger tips.

Keep the amazing Search It! tool open in the upper corner of your monitor 24/7 -Totally FREE. Use your resources!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stretch thy fun and fullfillment boundaries
on New Years Day

The Polar Swim is a great way to start off your New Year with a challenge. Stretch yourself by executing a feat off the mundane path of predictability. Dash thyself into the Pacific Ocean on New Years Day.

Upon the beach (local to Coos Bay, Oregon- at Sunset Bay) clad in bathing suits, flippers and silly goggles if you must, at the stroke of 9AM, all run swiftly into the icy waters. This is the Polar Swim.

Bring jugs of hot water to rinse off with after your quick dip. Bring many towels. First one in, last one out. The craziest things are done by those who can. woohoo!

JUMP IN! Will you do it?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The longer you sit on your bum, the more your brain gets numb.

I have been sitting on my bum for so long trying to cram my brain full of desparatey needed info until


I came across this phrase at the Sean's website - I'm learning how to not bore the crap out of you, OK?

"The longer you sit on your bum, the more your brain gets numb."

My brain and bum are both numb. More interesting things to

Good night, Gracie.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm Tired
- By Scott Stratten

I'm tired of people complaining. Of people who take it upon themselves to tell others how bad life is and that you have to take it.

I'm tired of the Office gossip and politics that try to dictate that you have to smile at someone when they walk by, then throw daggers at them as soon as they pass.

I'm tired of venting sessions of people at work and in groups because its supposed to feel good to "get it all out".

I'm tired of people who say they're good, but their actions are bad.

I'm tired of companies who say employees are their number one priority, but wont think twice about slashing them to increase profit margin.

I'm tired of those people who complain and say they have no choice but to stay in the bad situation.

I'm tired because people and companies do have a choice.

You choose whether or not to talk about someone behind their back, which makes the workplace terrible.

You choose to work at a company, regardless of your personal situation, you can also choose to work elsewhere.

You choose to complain about something that you can't control, making it a waste of breath and energy, not to mention everyone else's time.

You choose to complain about something you can control, but choose not to do anything about it because its the easy way out.

You choose not tell the person that you love, that you love them because you assume they know.

You assume your parents know that you appreciate them raising you and helped get you where you are today.

You assume that "insert occupation here" doesn't deserve whatever raise they are fighting for, because its not you getting the money.

You assume that someone will make your life better, give you a helping hand or its someone else's responsibility.

You assume someone else will make the next pot of coffee, when you took the last cup.

You assume the person that cut you off is a jerk, but when you do it you were justified.

You assume the person that just let you in their traffic lane knows that you appreciate it, or it was their duty too.

You ask "How are you" but don't really want a care for a response other than "fine".

I'm TIRED of people who CHOOSE to ASSUME that life has to be negative.

This is for all the people in this world who want to enjoy their lives, that wont stand up and say it: STOP IT!

Some of us want to enjoy this thing we call life.

Work Your Life people, no one else will.


Scott Stratten


For illuminating a different point of view that is very needed, thank you, Scott. You are always an inspiration.


Each new day, where do you choose to focus your point of view? Are you making choices that lead to higher levels of better health?

Find out how you can make changes to enjoy a life of better health, now. You can do it. You go, girl!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's Time for an Over Haul!
It's Liver Detox Time

Four times a year the body naturally cycles into detoxing. This phenomenon fires up a week or so before each solstice and each equinox. But you don't have to wait until that particular time of year to help your body detox. You can make changes right now that will help your body to heal itself.

Liver pain is an indicator that you are toxic. Do you feel pain just below your right nipple at your rib cage? Do you feel it? "I feel it!" shrieks the holy roller leaping from his seat in the fifth row.

How do you prepare your body for this voluntary toxic waste removal?

(Read this out loud --> ) "I can change what goes into my mouth - if I have to - I guess."

Some hints: Eat wisely. What does that mean? Eat less than you require. Eat fresh raw fruits and vegis. Enjoy cultured foods.

Don't let late night commercials choose what goes into your mouth. You choose what you will incorporate into your life style. Don't be brain washed by television. (Shut it off.)

Be open to input (considering wisely the source). If your sources of health and nutrition are obese doctors or nurses who have been victims of gallbladder removal and they are the ones telling you that you shouldn't do so many detox sessions - there is a perfect example of advice to ignore!

Consider your sources. Choose wisely. Consider what HAS worked for others. Disregaurd the voices that say. "I don't know if that would be good..." That's right- They don't know. Should you waste your time considering what an unhealthy person thinks about you trying to get yourself healthier? GET REAL! This is your life, girl! LIVE IT!

The fabulous part about being alive is that you can change. My son, the jedi, has this saying, "I am a man. But I can change - if i have to - I guess. I will not be whooped by a girl in her ability to change - so much - so frequently. That girl is my mother."

You CAN change your habits.

Repeat the life giving phrase out loud, "I can change what goes into my mouth - if I have to- I guess."

This is an exercise of your will. Exercise your right to change the way you do things. You can change your taste buds. You can 'will' them into submission. You are strong willed. Your mother will verify that in a heart beat.

Are you new on this path to better health? If you haven't already, start by changing your diet.

The food you eat- Be responsible:

Are you eating healthy like? Ah, we all think we eat well. The way you have eaten all your life has brought you to where you are today. It's all mom's fault! Not really.

The great thing is that you have total control over what you put into your mouth.

Repeat it with my boy now, "I can change what goes in my mouth - if I have to- I guess." If a man can say, you can too, girl!

FABULOUS! Admission is the first step towards healing. It is your simplest step towards positive change in your health future. Come on, girl - You are not going to let something as prideful an an ego get in the way of your gaining better health, are you?

Anything that comes in bags, boxes, cans or bottles you no longer put into your mouth by you. Those non foods do not go into your temple. They are evil. They rob you of your health. Those Evil Bunnies.

Instead of reaching for a soda pop, get Kombucha. Kombucha will help your liver. Soda pop is evil. Never heard of Kombucha? Well let me help you get excited about something good for you. Kids love the taste of Kombucha!

Change your diet to include fresh organic fruits and vegis. Any meats should be cooked at very low temperatures and eaten as close to rare as you can enjoy. Do the diet change before attempting any liver cleansing program.

Incorporate healthy fats into your diet NOW. Healthy fats do their best work for you during the fall/winter season. As spring/summer hits us you will need less fat and more fresh raw fruit.

Remember, You don't eat anything that is boxed or bagged. From this day forward You now eat only live foods. Of course this has to do with your liver!

Your environment- Just say NO to a toxic work place:

The toxic exposure your body has endured is partly why your liver is complaining. It's all that make up you put on every day, girl! Quit that filthy addictive habit and you will make the world a better place.

Make up is toxic to your liver. You know when your make up kinda just disappears from your face and you know you haven't touched your face- where did it go? Your body ate it up. Your liver has to process that make up.

What if you don't wear makeup? Does anyone else around you wear deodorant or anti-perspirant? Your body has to process the stuff they put on their body.

What kind of toxic exposure do you subject your body to on a daily basis? I bet you don't know how bad it really is. What you don't know can hurt you. Check out Hulda Regehr Clark's book -The Cure for all Diseases.

Hulda Clark's book is enlightenment! There are so many things she reveals to be toxic. It will make you angry.

For example, she reveals that there is mercury in common items you use daily. Did you know that mercury is used to sterilize cotton swabs? Tell me, who of you does not use these in your ears? Have you never put mineral oils on your baby?

That one right there ticked me off. She reveals that mineral oils causes skin cancer. Before I learned about that, I had done like every mother is admonished to dTV(via tv commercials)- I put mineral oil on my baby's skin. Argh!

Get her book. Get a new kind of education. Learn about the dangers of your unique work environmet. Search for it on Search It! Search It! is the webs newest greatest search engine tool. Once you find what you are looking for you can save your results. A tutorial pops up (be sure to enable pop ups for the use of this tool) that will take you through to super websurfing highs. You'll love it.

This is a fabulous time of year to search out a parasite cleanse program. I wish I had one to sell you. But I don't. This anti-parasite program is the one I am seriously considering. As soon as I have the moolah in my hands I'm getting my family on this program. If you choose this one be certain to do the full Colonix Pack Advanced Internal Cleansing Program. I have done many of these types of programs. They work. They have the right ingredients at appropriate levels.

And the results? Go check out their testimonials! Follow your choice of parasite removal program to completion. Jump start your better liver health.

Practice your new diet [long term]. Do the parasite removal [short term].

Here's one last thing for that liver pain [instant- quick]:

It would benefit you tremendously to purchase a far infra red heat unit. I use the "Super Radiant Dome YS-50" This unit is made in Japan. I wish I could sell you one but I can't. I have searched for suppliers and the price range is $399- $899.99 The heat unit helps the body to detox heavy metals gently and will definitely help you to feel better.

Seek out the Super Radiant Dome YS-50.

The Super Radiant dome gets toxins out real quick like- and painlessly. It's nice and toasty under the unit. Get one. Plug it in. Turn it on. Get under it. Feel better.

When you want to escape the rat race, come see us on Oregon's South Coast. We can set you up with a detox session under a Super Radiant Dome YS-50. The price varies by who provides this service. It's kinda like getting cracked by a chiropractor - instant relief.

Don't expect just one round of one program to do it for you permanently. You will notice the level of pain diminish after incorporating changes in your life style.

Take heart, you're not the only one with recurrent liver pain.

When I first wrote this article, I had a gazzilion links. I decided to keep it simple by providing you with 'the best of the best' in search engine technology.

Search It! brought to you by Site Sell can be kept open in its own window 24/7 for searching the web at your whim. Like a master surfer ridding high on mondo waves with ease, you can become a master surfer of the web with this nifty little tool. Ride it, baby!

This article is dedicated to Doug. His quick comment was the swift kick in the the butt I needed to get this info out of my head fast. Thanks Doug. And thanks to Dave R. for sending him my way. Without that note this info would still be stuck in my head - tormenting me with guilt - for not sharing everything I can to help you get well.

Contact that health girl at

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body w/ Dr. Victor Zeines

This just in from my dentist [thanks Anne!]

This Sunday at 10 am PST you can listen online to Doctor Victor Zeines about one of the very important aspects of health that you may have over looked this morning in your health routine.

Dr. Victor Zeines is a holistict dentist. Listen at the Health Radio Network
to Dr. Zeines. On the left hand side under 'shows' click on 'schedules'- now, under Sunday, look for 1:00 pm EST - Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body w/ Dr. Victor Zeines and click on that.

This from the HRN ... "Dr. Zeines has been practicing Holistic Dentistry for the past 25 years. He received his degree from N.Y.U. College of Dentistry in 1970 and completed an internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester New York. In 1980, he received a Masters in Science (Nutrition) from the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut. He received Fellowship Status from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1982.

Dr. Zeines uses a combination of homeopathy, kinesiology, nutrition and aromatic therapy along with bio-compatible materials in a gentle relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Zeines uses non-surgical techniques for treatment of periodontal problems. We have been mercury free for twenty years.

Dr. Zeines is the author of Healthy Mouth Healthy Body, and A Patient's Guide to Tongue Assessment. He is also a contributing writer for Rodale's The Herbal Drugstore and he makes regular appearances on radio and television."

Go to Dr. Zeines website for his stuff at but don't miss this opportunity to listen in! Health Radio Network

There is a pod cast URL so go there now and get set up. They have the instructions right there. You can do it!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Crack- Just DO IT!

I just had my first 'crack' by a D.C. Monday morning. [read- chiropractor]

Woah! Pain! [for the crack]

Then all the tension and pain I had been experiencing was gone! wooHOO!

As I implemented the doctor's recommendations I began to feel better. I felt more release.

It turns out I had an infection in my neck and shoulders from my (recent) oral surgery.

I had lost my voice due to swelling in the larynx. I didn't even *think* to take a look at myself in the mirror. I just didn't want to get up. Or talk. Or eat.

I have this thing about when I'm stressed...(I go back to bed or don't botther to get up in the first place) I'm sure I waste a lot of time doing this. It has been a defective defensive coping mechanism.

Do the *CRACK* thing. Get out of bed, GIRL!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Curse of Choice
- By Sean D'Souza

Do you want to confuse the heck out of your dog?

Do a little test.

Place two bones in front of your dog. And watch what the dog does.

He'll sniff one bone. Then the other. Then go back to the first. And back to the second. Back, forth, back, forth and back again. Oooh this mutt looks like he's watching the finals of the US Open.

You've just witnessed the curse of choice. And not surprisingly, human beings are not a whole lot different from dogs.

Curious? I bet you are. Because the concept of choice can dramatically increase or decrease your sales? What are you doing wrong? And how can you fix it?

Think of an ice-cream flavour

Done? Good!

Now do you realise what your brain just did? Your brain went through dozens of choices in one fraction of a second. It whipped its way through at least a dozen possible flavours. In a blinding flash it went through what is known as the 'elimination factor.'

Contrary to what you believe, the brain doesn't think by choosing what it wants.

No it doesn't, the brain 'eliminates' what it 'doesn't want'

Think about it for a second. When you're in the ice-cream store looking at all of those choices, you seem more confused than ever. You think you want choice, but when faced with one hundred squillion flavours, your brain goes a little waka-waka.

You become 'the dog' all over again.

You struggle to choose and finally when you do choose, you actually do it through a system of eliminating what you don't want.

Ergo: More elimination means more brain work

It's logical isn't it? If your brain goes through elimination to get to a single choice, then the more things it has to eliminate, the more difficult it becomes to choose one thing.

Often the brain just gives up. Yes, goodbye, sayanora and hasta la vista, baby! And customers faced with innumerable choices head rapidly for the 'goodbye, see ya later, I need to think about it' door.

It's ironic isn't it?

We want choice, but we don't want the nuisance of having to choose. Aaaaaaaargh, isn't this irony driving you bananas?

Now, now...don't get so antsy. No one is suggesting you do a Henry Ford. Henry, the inventor of the Model T Ford, was probably discredited with a quotation attributed to him that read: "People can have the Model T in any colour--so long as it's black."

The truth is that the Model T was available in green, red, blue and grey. In fact, right at the start black wasn't even available as an option. The switch to all- black cars was probably a move to reduce the time lost waiting for the various paints to dry. In fact, in 1926, colours other than black were once again offered in an
attempt to rejuvenate sales.

So choice is good thing then...

Absolutely! Your customers hate to have a gun held to their head. They want choice, but not so much choice that they're totally confused.

But now I can see it in your face, you're the one that's totally confused. You don't want to alienate your customer and neither do you want to confuse them.

So how do you use the power of command with choice?

The only way I can explain this is to give you a couple of real-life situations as played out sequentially on a website. Of course you can use this concept offline as well, but since your already online...ahem...let's just get cozy online, shall we?

Let's run through a sequential audit on a website.

Step 1: Visitor arrives at your website
Imagine a prospective client comes to your website. They've got
half a dozen links to choose from. What should they do? There are at least six to seven links to choose from. Where do they go first? Can you give the client a choice and help the client make a speedy decision? On the website we actually tell you where to go next by putting a link in the text telling the client to 'start their journey here.'

Step 2: Some Window Shopping
Let's assume the client then heads to your products page. Do they have twenty-five products to choose from? Or do they have three? And do you have a command or suggestion in place? For example, a simple graphic that says 'Most Downloaded Product', sets a chain of thoughts in a client's brain. They think, oooh, if it's the most downloaded or most popular, it must be good. And that causes the client to choose the most popular one over the rest. Now hang on a second. I'm not asking you to be a nasty little crook. I'm not asking you to lie and try and manipulate your clients. All this command is doing, is simply getting the client to not get confused with choice.

Step 3: Ok, where's that credit card?
Your client scrolls right down to the payment button. And is faced
with several different options to pay. All good...but here's what you need to do. Make sure they get to choose between just one or two options. The other systems of payment can be clubbed under option 3. So Option No.1 could be credit card online. Option No.2 could be online cheque. Option No.3 could be Other Options. Under Other Options you could list phone call ins, fax, postal order etc.

Step 4: We're on the buying page
And let's say you're up selling a product. Again, do you do the bit and give me twenty options or just one more add on product?

Step 5: The client gets the product delivered
Where do they start? On book 3 or book 4? One client wrote in and asked me just that a few days ago. We sell the Brain Audit off our website and she was confused which of the four books were the starting point. Ah... choice again causes chaos. (We're fixing this problem as we speak :)

Audit your way through your marketing

Take a look at either your web process or your sales/marketing process. Are you giving your clients too much to choose from? I know, I know. I cringe too. There are so many things to offer, yet choice only causes increased confusion. Eventually it boils down to sacrifice. 'Yes, No, Maybe' is hard enough without causing a client to go through 'yes, no, maybes' across multiple choice products and services.

If you want your client to act, make sure you make the process nice and uncomplicated.

Oh, there's ONE more thing. It's called WHY

As the Merovingian, says in the movie, 'Matrix Reloaded, "Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without... Our only hope, our only peace is to understand it, to understand the 'why.' 'Why' (Read the 'Power of Why') is what separates us from them, you from me. 'Why' is the only real social power, without it you are powerless.


Less is indeed...more.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!

Are you allergic to pepper? Do you choke frequently on freshly ground pepper at the dinning table? Do you want a solution to this embarrassing problem?

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" provides a real solution to your choking problems.

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" can be put into your pepper shaker to give that look of 'I'm normal' 'I can have pepper just like everyone else can' without the embarrassment of choking on your meal in front of all your dining companions.

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" looks just like real pepper. Others can use it too and you won't get caught for a long time. No one has figured it out yet in our home experiments.

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" is simply kelp granules.

Kelp granules, as you might have figured out, look just like pepper. While they don't taste like pepper nor do they produce the violent choking reaction, they do shake and sprinkle just like real pepper does. End of embarrassment.

Bring "I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" with you when you dine out. Just put a small pepper shaker filled with kelp granules in a zip loc baggie and set it on the table at a sly momment and you're home free! [of the choking]

Try slipping it up to the table by pointing out something behind your dining companions (with the one hand) and placing the "I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" shaker on the table with the other. You might need to remove the 'extra' (real) pepper shaker to another table just to be safe. Just remember to retrieve your 'pepper' shaker before you leave the establishment. ;-)

Order your "I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" kelp granules today!

It's really inexpensive- about $1.40 for 4 ounces. That is cheap! And 4 ounces will last you quite a while.

I didn't mention the taste that kelp granules gives to a dish because we haven't noticed any change in the taste. I am certain the pepper aficianados will pick out that this is not pepper but as for the rest of us... who cares. Kelp is good for your thyroid and supports better health in a whole host of other ways. Kelp granules will soon become something you won't want to be without.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Shoot Me! I am in unreasonable pain.

Pounding head pain in my frontal lobe. Nausea. I have definite and serious pain.

It is way beyond my bedtime. What am I doing up this late?

I am dehydrated. My throat is dry like COTTON- the feeling of candida over growth.

My mouth hurts. My neck is swollen. My throat is sore in every possible way. There is obvious and undeniable infection in my neck and throat.

Good Grief! Complications off Mercury Amalgam removal? You bet!

Could this effect be amplified by something in or lacking in my surroundings?

I think so! For one, I spent way too much time on the computer today. The second bad thing, I failed to put my Q-Link back on after my shower.

That was no doubt it. The combination of me being in and around EMF's without being shielded in my cocoon.


I didn't do this deliberately. Now I can hardly swallow my own spit.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's My Independence Day! -
time to Detox after Amalgam Removal

I made it through the mercury amalgam removal surgery and the first 24 hours post-op. WooHOO! I'm Alive!

So what about MY part of the amalgam removal? It is my intention to create that environment which heals and promotes longevity. I have to give my body what it needs to rev-up that detox mode.

Here we go. All right now. I actually started this detox before the amalgam removal. This is what I did:

I juiced a few 'bunches' of cilantro in a juiced salad the night before and filled a pint sized mason jar to the absolute brim, then capped it and put it in the frige. I took that with me in a cooler to the dental office. I had juiced so much that I had maybe a pint to drink as well that night.

When I was at the dental office I swished this juiced cilantro salad in my mouth just before the doc was to start and then grinned at her with green teeth, coated in cilantro juice. My dentist said it would be optimal to keep it in the mouth during removal. (? eh? Did I hear yah right, girl?) Yup! "Don't rinse. It is good to have that mercury chelator in there." Okee dokee, whatever you say doc!

After each quadrant I 'swished' my mouth with chlorella before swallowing. It was the queerest thing, that Chlorella, each time it would truly bunch up into chunks/clumps at the sight all around the gums and teeth for each quadrant where the mercury amalgam fillings had most recently been removed.

I continue to 'swish' before swallowing Chlorella many times, many, many, times during the day and again at night if I awaken at all for anything. Swish, swish, swish! Then swallow.

Chlorella does the most amazing thing; it will set all the mercury lose in your body and make you pukey and then if you are really smart [and I know you are sharp, Girl!] you take more!

Yup, that's right. A certain level of it in your system frees up the mercury that is bound to your receptor sites and carry it out of your system and set you free.

When Chlorella has liberated these toxins you become nauseated. But keep going, don't stop now! Cuz a bit more Chlorella will send these refugee mercurys out of the territory of your body. Ain't it grand.

Which brings me to this: Your kidneys will be stressed from all this detox protocol. Mercury gets excreted through your urine. Great, yeah, I know. I had to drink coconut after coconut after coconut [young green coconut water] to get my kidneys up to par. I have strong healthy kidneys capable of the task of permitting the mercury to EXIT. Get out of my town, mercury; there ain't room enough for the both of us.

To support my kidneys through this trauma I choose to enjoy loads of dandelion. How? However I may best tolerate it. However I can manage to 'appreciate' the benefits I receive from the leaves and roots of this sacred plant. Juice the leaves for that salad. Boil the root for a tea. Take drops of the tincture in some water. Thank God for the dandelion.

You know how sacred something is to a culture when EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone, has many in their front yard showing it off to the whole neighborhood.

I am the Queen of Dandelions. I am telling you, my yard has the tallest dandelions in the neighborhood. That's right; organically grown and processed dandelion leaves and roots. Fresh. Loaded with nutrients- smany, it might be easier to list what they do NOT have.

How's that for bragging rights? And with all those fresh, organically grown dandelions came green butterflies, chirping crickets and those lovely little lace winged bugs. All because of my tall dandelions.

What else for optimal amalgam detox? This morning I enjoyed my original Chocolate Coconut Milk-Shake for my breakfast. Lunch was another juiced salad. Snack time I had miso soup. Dinner was yummy!

But I don't recall this sec..I'm so full...Oh, yeah! It was a different version of the juiced salad and I juiced another cilantro salad with my homemade salad dressing.

My healthy dressing choice makes the juiced cilantro salad taste delightful. I felt like I hadn't gotten enough fat today so I added an avocado, mashed up for when there was just a bit left of that juiced salad to kinda balance things out. I had forgotten to add coconut fat to my miso soup earlier in the day.

Back to my topic here. What else did I do? What have I eaten that supports optimal mercury detox? Each and every item of food I chose to eat are foods which create that environment which supports the body's ability to heal itself. Naturally! What else is a health girl supposed to do?

I oughta be giving you recipies for creating fabulous, vibrant health, too. Yes? Ok. They are at my website While you are there, sign up for my opt-in ezine so you don't miss anything new there. Living healthy can be really simple and tasty, too!

[You can also right click on that little orange button in the lower far right corner to 'RSS' this blahg!]

Saturday, August 06, 2005

After the Anesthesia wears off...

It feels like physical trauma. My whole body is, (how do I accurately describe this?) ... it feels like someone kicked the sh*t out of me. While it might be helpful to have that removed from my body, it blows feeling like this.

I would consider you merciful if you would provide me useful pointers on what I might do to *feel* better.

My jaw is sore; moving towards painful; I can't chew without pain yet, not that I would even consider trying.

The revision on my lower right has not maintained form. I haven't the inclination to look at the upper.

I have been using a far red heat unit for lymph detox. Epsom Salt Baths. Apple Cider Vinegar bath. Essential Oils. Rest. Drinking water, but not nearly as much as I usually drink; I can't seem to get it down.

Speaking of drinks, I juiced Dandelion Greens today. And I drank them, too.

Chlorella- I don't know how to figure dosage on that one. Chlorella should liberate the mercury at a certain dosage though not bind it. At that point I should feel pukey; I haven't reached that point. High dose should bind more that it can liberate or mobilize. I just need to swallow more of those pills. I wish I had it in the powdered form from BioPure. Their chlorella worked much better than what I have now.

I think I need a more significant mineral source. I am using dulse. That should do it but ... ?

MSN, I can't chew so I am not eating my cultured vegis. I am using Rich 'n Pure MSN lotion though. Sulfur binds mercury.

I haven't taken any Goatien yet. I am thinking that it may provide electrolytes which work in the cell's membrane to create an ionic potential which could allow cellular (blah, blah, shut up! Shut up, girl!) products to be excreted if they wanted to be liberated into my already over loaded lymph -but maybe they don't want to go? What is the mercurys affinity to my body and how do I give it the exit passage? If you know please, do share.

What have I missed? Minerals along with Vitamin C release mercury from the tissues. Maybe that is what I have missed; I haven't made those two as a cocktail. Perhaps?

I juiced a head of garlic Sunday night. That was fun, breathing dragon breath, uh, I mean garlic breath.

What does it REALLY mean to augment something? I was reading, in the same article, that Buffered Vitamin C powder augments the excretion of mercury. But then it goes on to say that Vitamin C decreases unpleasant detox reactions. Can this be true? One and the same? Does both? If this is true, then Perhaps I should take even more of my Thorne Buffered vitamin C powder. *shudder*

I bring the vitamin C cocktail before me. I breath, in and out. I think calmness. I breathe in, [inhales], [holds breath], I breath out. I think I am going to gag.

Try again.

I breathe in; think "Peace, Peace." I breath out. I breath in, I chug. I shudder. I swish the glass with fresh water as an invountarily shudder over-takes my being as I bring the glass up to my lips once more.

What the heck?!~ Why do I have to take this stuff when my fat sisters are chugging Starbucks, and sodas and eating wheat and corn with impunity. IT'S NOT FAIR! Where is MY twinkie, popsicle, pop-culture, white trash life?!?

How come everybody else gets all the fun while I get to philosophize on how best to detox heavy metal from my precious body? (whiner- go to bed, girl)

I think I'm gonna whine about this more- tomorrow. I know that people who are under the influence of anesthesia can be a bit difficult, so, I'm signing off. Good night.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Are You a Bathing Beauty?

Take a cleansing bathe to assist any detox. I did this one to assist the mercury amalgam detox.

An Epsom Salts bathe for Amalgam Detox [or any time you want to feel like crudola- uh, I mean, raise the bar on getting healthier]:

Using the hottest water I could tolerate for this cleansing bath, I poured in the entire 4 pound box of Epsom Salts. Yup. The whole thing. No reason to skimp. I wanna get that crud out of my system. I added a cup of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother [shake it up before you pour it out], and fresh grated ginger- about a thumbs worth.

This Detox Bath Recipe gets the lymph flowing to cleanse the body and take out the trash as it were. It really works well. How you will know is that you will feel like crud. Crud will be coming off your tongue so get a scraper if you haven't already invested in one. Your tonsils will dump crud down your throat, so be prepared to be gagging as the lymph begins to dump. Regardless of how unpleasant it is to have this crud dumping experience it is far better than keeping that crud inside of you.

Enjoy the 30 minute soak. I recommend dripping dry and resting for 8 hours before rinsing so that salts will have time to work further on your system. Go ahead and wash and dry your feet though. A whole lot of crud comes off there.

When you shower (the next day) 8 hours later, you can do another soak but just for the feet to keep the crud exiting. Enjoy 2 or 3 bathes of this sort each week but not more often.

I breathe deeply during that half hour soak. This is how the lymph is pumped through you system. So that means, even while you are sick and in bed you can do something to increase your health- you can breathe deeply!

You go, girl! BREATHE!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mercury Kills Intestinal Flora

Mercury kills the good stuff in your gut. I forgot about that during this detox deal. I awoke this AM profoundly aware that I had a need to recolonize my intestinal track.

How could I know that?

When I began to take responsibility for my own health there were myriad points of awareness that struck me. I take responsibility for my life, my health. I want to gain better health.

Getting my intestinal track into good health with the use of probiotics worked wonders to bring me to a state of better health. But forgetting that mercury kills intestinal flora wasn't so great. Now I must defeat the candida once again.

The battle rages on. The uprising of the overgrowth of the evil shmucks within the empire of Cosmo Jane must be subdued. I call upon the powers of kefir to defeat and bring low the shmuks deep within. There is one who can save me...

Kefir to the rescue. Kefir has amazing healing powers. It's not magic. It's miraculous! Kefir has more probiotics than yoghurt. Many more. Not that yoghurt isn't benefitial, it just doesn't have the capacity to heal that kefir does. Yoghurt is the very weak cousin to kefir. Kefir is the mighty healer.

But kefir doesn't have the two strains of probiotic that yoghurt does.

So here's what I do: when I culture my kefir I add the delinquent probiotic strains into the mix along with a bit of Stevia PLUS so that when it arrives in my gut it has had time a plenty to activate. Fewer supplements to gag down. My kefir is fully in-tact and ready to nourish my gut. From the beginning, at my mouth, all the down to the other end.

Mercury, be gone. Intestinal flora, recolonize. Gut, be healed.

Good morning. Thanks for reading my blahg. Enjoy your breakfast. ;-)

To My Dentist- Here is another deep secret:

Dear Dentist, When I am in your chair and your mouth is right next to my ear, I hear you. Quite well, actually. And while the tools may be very loud, [they are , I'm not kidding anyone here] it's ok if you speak softly. I give you permission: You may speak softly. I can hear you.

When you are carrying on a conversation with your assistant about [God only knows what and I don't care who you are gossiping about but it had NOTHING to do with MY mouth or your dental education] I can't know when the conversation turns to me. I'm trying to not eavesdrop. Besides, my "Hypnotherapy for a Millionaire Mind" CD is looping Track 2 [all 17 minutes of it] so I don't have to be in conscious awareness while you are drilling holes in my head.

Think about this: it would be encouraging and grounding to hear how you learned patient protocols that increase the likelihood of my health being protected by what you are doing and how you are doing this. Really.

For $400.00 an hour you can talk about me and my mouth when I am in your chair. After all, your mouth is a 6 to 8 inches from my ear.

I think this sounds reasonable, wouldn't you agree?

Here is what was going on during my amalgam removal appointment:

You both you and your assistant would speak but I had no way to respond without my handy dandy paper/pad and pencil to write on. When you spoke, most of the time, until clued in that you were, indeed, talking to me, it sounded like [imagine PEANUTS by Charles Schultz] "wa wa wa awah " in a tin can kinda sound. Got it? That's what it was like for me as your patient there that day.

Try this instead: touch my shoulder, pause, address me by name, wait for my response, before beginning communication. It's a good approach, respectful and it works amazingly well in any situation with all ages of persons.

When I noticed that there was a problem with our lack of adequate communication I wondered how to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. I needed to communicate with you! I had a problem with not knowing what was going on inside my mouth. I needed to hear, "I'm touching your tooth. *and such and such*" [Please put an enlarged tooth chart on ceiling so I can know what the heck you are talking about] "Though you will feel this on the opposite side, I am about to blast with my obnoxiously loud tools on this side right side of your mouth." Et cetera.

Where the heck were MY ear plugs? I would have considered it polite to have been warned to purchase my own ear plugs for this treatment. Or better yet, to have been given a pair of ear plugs to wear during those brief but loud moments. It would have helped me to endure your yelling into my ear as well.

All in all, with my millionaire Mind Intensive hypnotherapy CD looping track 2, it felt like the surgery only lasted 10-20 minutes per quadrant.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Patient Secrets- Dentist Don't Know

Dear Dentist, Do you want to know a Secret? Well you should!

When you anesthetize an area of your patients mouth, what are you doing?

Do you not believe that you are effectively creating an environment where the cues or signals to the brain are getting short circuited or not sent? Would it be too much to assume that the cues are not making it to your patients brain? Could we, therefore, assume, that there are not cues enough for a patient to open and/or close their mouth?

I couldn't cue my mouth to close or open. There were no signals. However, my eyes could do the cuing with the help of a mirror. They could cue my own brain.

This didn't happen by looking at the assistants contortionist face, nor by looking at my dear dentists expressions. It didn't happen with verbal cues from them either.

Only when I could see my own reflection in a mirror with my own eyes, so that my brain could get the message did the connection become firm enough to send out the cues.

What a great indicator- A simple mirror + the patients brain = the cue to get the mouth to open or close appropriately. WHOOHOO!

Guess it's not a secret anymore. Tell your dentist before she does the amalgam removal/extraction surgery. She dosen't know the MIRROR+BRAIN=MOUTH cooperation thing, but she will want to know. Help her out, send her here.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

"How can I get well? Life fails to inspire me. I am dying of boredom."

Yeah, I make that plea often.

Try a meeting of the minds. Get a vision for your future.

Look at how happy you could be when you put your energy in an appropriate direction.

Get some Freedom so you can quit your job.

You need a vacation from boredom.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Detox Blues

I have been gearing up to have my amalgam fillings removed. So eating the best I can and pulling my best detox tricks out of my hat is what I have been up to these past few days.

Bleh. That's what I have to say about it. Just Bleh. I feel like crud-ola.

I'm taking bayberry root to drain out the lymph and a few others to kick it into gear. Uhke, I think I'm choking on tonsil crud.

Why do I have to feel every inch of lymph? I bet I'm the only girl who knows the path her lymph travels. I'm sore there. Under my pits, all along the lines where the bra straps go- up and over and all the way around.

I even purchased bra extendors so as to not offend my son. Before I found those I was going without the brassiere. He had a problem with that. It hurts my liver spot right under the right -right where the underwire goes- I hate that pain!

And Doctor Mercola, I just have to be the one to tell you this- underwire is merely the term for it- they quit putting wire there years ago. It's all nylon. OK? Okay. I just had to be the one to tell you.

It is SO not fair! If men had huge boobies there would be mandates for no bra wearing.

So as I'm detoxing my mind is going nuts here. All the things of ages past race through my mind. The Mind- it is a terrible thing. Oh how it endeavors to waste mankind!

As you listen to 'the mind,' what do you hear it say?
"You can't do that!"
Ever stop to ask it, why not?
"You just CAN'T!" it says again.
Who says?
"We don't DO things that way"
Well, why don't we?
"We've never done it that way before"

So, like, I'm getting to the point here, that the mind is only trying to protect itself. From what? Change. It doesn't want to change. And any pathetic excuse it can muster, every excuse is pathetic, is what it will throw at you to try to get you to NOT do anything that is good for you. You can change. You can incorporate good habits into your routines. You do it ALL the time!

Look at an ad, newspaper, magazine, television, radio- where ever you find it, it replays the same thing over and over until it has successfully implanted itself into your mind. You know it when you find yourself humming along & *POP!* the trigger is there and suddenly YOU CRAVE that item. Whatever it is. A drink, a vehicle, an item of clothing or something to munch on.

Why am I so SPACED? I've been chasing my thoughts trying to corral them all day. Maybe blahging them out will help [someone].

Detox can be started up many different ways. I juice vegis. Half a cucumber, half a fennel, in a celery base. Then I usually go and ruin that delicious flavour by putting in a huge collard green leaf. I was smart today and had the collard green straight and first! Then the bunch of parsley- drank that with my handy dandy straw so it wouldn't chunk up on me. Then, speaking of chunks, I put in a chunk of ginger. How much? A tip-of-the-pinky sized chunk of fresh Hawaiian ginger. [not the pinky- keep the pinky attatched] Then those celery, fennel pieces, and cukes went in. I use the celery to push it all through the juicer. I have an Omega Juicer same as Doctor Mercola.

Whenever I do a detox protocol there is one thing I must keep in the forefront of it all: DRINK MORE WATER. I need to keep the little 3 by 5 card minders up all over the house. I usually drink near a gallon of water in the morning before double digits hit. What this means is that when I'm detoxing I need to get in WAY more. And that, girl, is quite a challenge.

I want to be set free from those things which hold me back. Toxins, I flush you out. I juice cilantro to bind those evil mercury that is in my system. That mercury will soon be coming out.

My independence day is coming. I'm nervous. Independence has its risks, but there is no freedom so great as to choose how I will live my own life. Living on bended knee, to enjoy bread and wine, is no freedom at all. It is not the life I want to live. I will not bow down to eat pop-culture foodstuffs.

There is no success in life so great as to be able to spend my life in my own way. Or as history says Patrick Henry put it: "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!;I know not what course others may take; but as for me," Give me a good internal cleansing so that I may not experience death at such a young age as all those around me.

I don't know about you, but I want to live! It is a death to be merely subsisting on crappy food which gives no life. I would yearn for true, mortal death over a life filled with fluff. I would rather have mortal death than a Starbucks, X-box, pop-culture, chase the wind, eek out an existence. If that were my life- give me death. And HOW!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

How typical!

Yesterday I took my boys out shopping to spend their PLAY money after breakfast. With all the smells from the stores and the previous day's insults I was wiped out.

I was wondering what we had for lunch because I didn't have much of a recollection. They said I slept through lunch. I asked them what they had... "Oh, we had Jerey come over." (For lunch?) They didn't eat either. Bleh.

It is so easy to lose the appetite when chemical insults *happen*.