Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm Tired
- By Scott Stratten

I'm tired of people complaining. Of people who take it upon themselves to tell others how bad life is and that you have to take it.

I'm tired of the Office gossip and politics that try to dictate that you have to smile at someone when they walk by, then throw daggers at them as soon as they pass.

I'm tired of venting sessions of people at work and in groups because its supposed to feel good to "get it all out".

I'm tired of people who say they're good, but their actions are bad.

I'm tired of companies who say employees are their number one priority, but wont think twice about slashing them to increase profit margin.

I'm tired of those people who complain and say they have no choice but to stay in the bad situation.

I'm tired because people and companies do have a choice.

You choose whether or not to talk about someone behind their back, which makes the workplace terrible.

You choose to work at a company, regardless of your personal situation, you can also choose to work elsewhere.

You choose to complain about something that you can't control, making it a waste of breath and energy, not to mention everyone else's time.

You choose to complain about something you can control, but choose not to do anything about it because its the easy way out.

You choose not tell the person that you love, that you love them because you assume they know.

You assume your parents know that you appreciate them raising you and helped get you where you are today.

You assume that "insert occupation here" doesn't deserve whatever raise they are fighting for, because its not you getting the money.

You assume that someone will make your life better, give you a helping hand or its someone else's responsibility.

You assume someone else will make the next pot of coffee, when you took the last cup.

You assume the person that cut you off is a jerk, but when you do it you were justified.

You assume the person that just let you in their traffic lane knows that you appreciate it, or it was their duty too.

You ask "How are you" but don't really want a care for a response other than "fine".

I'm TIRED of people who CHOOSE to ASSUME that life has to be negative.

This is for all the people in this world who want to enjoy their lives, that wont stand up and say it: STOP IT!

Some of us want to enjoy this thing we call life.

Work Your Life people, no one else will.


Scott Stratten


For illuminating a different point of view that is very needed, thank you, Scott. You are always an inspiration.


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