Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mercury Kills Intestinal Flora

Mercury kills the good stuff in your gut. I forgot about that during this detox deal. I awoke this AM profoundly aware that I had a need to recolonize my intestinal track.

How could I know that?

When I began to take responsibility for my own health there were myriad points of awareness that struck me. I take responsibility for my life, my health. I want to gain better health.

Getting my intestinal track into good health with the use of probiotics worked wonders to bring me to a state of better health. But forgetting that mercury kills intestinal flora wasn't so great. Now I must defeat the candida once again.

The battle rages on. The uprising of the overgrowth of the evil shmucks within the empire of Cosmo Jane must be subdued. I call upon the powers of kefir to defeat and bring low the shmuks deep within. There is one who can save me...

Kefir to the rescue. Kefir has amazing healing powers. It's not magic. It's miraculous! Kefir has more probiotics than yoghurt. Many more. Not that yoghurt isn't benefitial, it just doesn't have the capacity to heal that kefir does. Yoghurt is the very weak cousin to kefir. Kefir is the mighty healer.

But kefir doesn't have the two strains of probiotic that yoghurt does.

So here's what I do: when I culture my kefir I add the delinquent probiotic strains into the mix along with a bit of Stevia PLUS so that when it arrives in my gut it has had time a plenty to activate. Fewer supplements to gag down. My kefir is fully in-tact and ready to nourish my gut. From the beginning, at my mouth, all the down to the other end.

Mercury, be gone. Intestinal flora, recolonize. Gut, be healed.

Good morning. Thanks for reading my blahg. Enjoy your breakfast. ;-)

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