Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What's it like to be sick...

The sickest MCS patients are barred from public parks (where pesticides and exhaust are present), stores, churches, medical facilities, schools, street fairs, homeless shelters, public transportation, courthouses, libraries, airplanes, public meetings, and almost everywhere else you can imagine.

They are often driven out of their own homes. Many end up living outdoors or in their cars.

A survey in Western Massachusetts found that 57% of the people in that area with MCS had been homeless at some point in their illness.

People with MCS are often gradually pushed to the margins of society until they live nomadic lives, traveling to remote areas where they won'’t be injured by the chemicals most people use.

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I whole heartedly concur with Peggy. Know what it's like to be sick like this?

Life is a challenge beyond your wildest dreams. Forget Jones and Croft:

Try living in a life with the thrills of EI/MCS for an adventure. I double dare you.

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