Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mercury Kills Intestinal Flora

Mercury kills the good stuff in your gut. I forgot about that during this detox deal. I awoke this AM profoundly aware that I had a need to recolonize my intestinal track.

How could I know that?

When I began to take responsibility for my own health there were myriad points of awareness that struck me. I take responsibility for my life, my health. I want to gain better health.

Getting my intestinal track into good health with the use of probiotics worked wonders to bring me to a state of better health. But forgetting that mercury kills intestinal flora wasn't so great. Now I must defeat the candida once again.

The battle rages on. The uprising of the overgrowth of the evil shmucks within the empire of Cosmo Jane must be subdued. I call upon the powers of kefir to defeat and bring low the shmuks deep within. There is one who can save me...

Kefir to the rescue. Kefir has amazing healing powers. It's not magic. It's miraculous! Kefir has more probiotics than yoghurt. Many more. Not that yoghurt isn't benefitial, it just doesn't have the capacity to heal that kefir does. Yoghurt is the very weak cousin to kefir. Kefir is the mighty healer.

But kefir doesn't have the two strains of probiotic that yoghurt does.

So here's what I do: when I culture my kefir I add the delinquent probiotic strains into the mix along with a bit of Stevia PLUS so that when it arrives in my gut it has had time a plenty to activate. Fewer supplements to gag down. My kefir is fully in-tact and ready to nourish my gut. From the beginning, at my mouth, all the down to the other end.

Mercury, be gone. Intestinal flora, recolonize. Gut, be healed.

Good morning. Thanks for reading my blahg. Enjoy your breakfast. ;-)

To My Dentist- Here is another deep secret:

Dear Dentist, When I am in your chair and your mouth is right next to my ear, I hear you. Quite well, actually. And while the tools may be very loud, [they are , I'm not kidding anyone here] it's ok if you speak softly. I give you permission: You may speak softly. I can hear you.

When you are carrying on a conversation with your assistant about [God only knows what and I don't care who you are gossiping about but it had NOTHING to do with MY mouth or your dental education] I can't know when the conversation turns to me. I'm trying to not eavesdrop. Besides, my "Hypnotherapy for a Millionaire Mind" CD is looping Track 2 [all 17 minutes of it] so I don't have to be in conscious awareness while you are drilling holes in my head.

Think about this: it would be encouraging and grounding to hear how you learned patient protocols that increase the likelihood of my health being protected by what you are doing and how you are doing this. Really.

For $400.00 an hour you can talk about me and my mouth when I am in your chair. After all, your mouth is a 6 to 8 inches from my ear.

I think this sounds reasonable, wouldn't you agree?

Here is what was going on during my amalgam removal appointment:

You both you and your assistant would speak but I had no way to respond without my handy dandy paper/pad and pencil to write on. When you spoke, most of the time, until clued in that you were, indeed, talking to me, it sounded like [imagine PEANUTS by Charles Schultz] "wa wa wa awah " in a tin can kinda sound. Got it? That's what it was like for me as your patient there that day.

Try this instead: touch my shoulder, pause, address me by name, wait for my response, before beginning communication. It's a good approach, respectful and it works amazingly well in any situation with all ages of persons.

When I noticed that there was a problem with our lack of adequate communication I wondered how to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. I needed to communicate with you! I had a problem with not knowing what was going on inside my mouth. I needed to hear, "I'm touching your tooth. *and such and such*" [Please put an enlarged tooth chart on ceiling so I can know what the heck you are talking about] "Though you will feel this on the opposite side, I am about to blast with my obnoxiously loud tools on this side right side of your mouth." Et cetera.

Where the heck were MY ear plugs? I would have considered it polite to have been warned to purchase my own ear plugs for this treatment. Or better yet, to have been given a pair of ear plugs to wear during those brief but loud moments. It would have helped me to endure your yelling into my ear as well.

All in all, with my millionaire Mind Intensive hypnotherapy CD looping track 2, it felt like the surgery only lasted 10-20 minutes per quadrant.