Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's Time for an Over Haul!
It's Liver Detox Time

Four times a year the body naturally cycles into detoxing. This phenomenon fires up a week or so before each solstice and each equinox. But you don't have to wait until that particular time of year to help your body detox. You can make changes right now that will help your body to heal itself.

Liver pain is an indicator that you are toxic. Do you feel pain just below your right nipple at your rib cage? Do you feel it? "I feel it!" shrieks the holy roller leaping from his seat in the fifth row.

How do you prepare your body for this voluntary toxic waste removal?

(Read this out loud --> ) "I can change what goes into my mouth - if I have to - I guess."

Some hints: Eat wisely. What does that mean? Eat less than you require. Eat fresh raw fruits and vegis. Enjoy cultured foods.

Don't let late night commercials choose what goes into your mouth. You choose what you will incorporate into your life style. Don't be brain washed by television. (Shut it off.)

Be open to input (considering wisely the source). If your sources of health and nutrition are obese doctors or nurses who have been victims of gallbladder removal and they are the ones telling you that you shouldn't do so many detox sessions - there is a perfect example of advice to ignore!

Consider your sources. Choose wisely. Consider what HAS worked for others. Disregaurd the voices that say. "I don't know if that would be good..." That's right- They don't know. Should you waste your time considering what an unhealthy person thinks about you trying to get yourself healthier? GET REAL! This is your life, girl! LIVE IT!

The fabulous part about being alive is that you can change. My son, the jedi, has this saying, "I am a man. But I can change - if i have to - I guess. I will not be whooped by a girl in her ability to change - so much - so frequently. That girl is my mother."

You CAN change your habits.

Repeat the life giving phrase out loud, "I can change what goes into my mouth - if I have to- I guess."

This is an exercise of your will. Exercise your right to change the way you do things. You can change your taste buds. You can 'will' them into submission. You are strong willed. Your mother will verify that in a heart beat.

Are you new on this path to better health? If you haven't already, start by changing your diet.

The food you eat- Be responsible:

Are you eating healthy like? Ah, we all think we eat well. The way you have eaten all your life has brought you to where you are today. It's all mom's fault! Not really.

The great thing is that you have total control over what you put into your mouth.

Repeat it with my boy now, "I can change what goes in my mouth - if I have to- I guess." If a man can say, you can too, girl!

FABULOUS! Admission is the first step towards healing. It is your simplest step towards positive change in your health future. Come on, girl - You are not going to let something as prideful an an ego get in the way of your gaining better health, are you?

Anything that comes in bags, boxes, cans or bottles you no longer put into your mouth by you. Those non foods do not go into your temple. They are evil. They rob you of your health. Those Evil Bunnies.

Instead of reaching for a soda pop, get Kombucha. Kombucha will help your liver. Soda pop is evil. Never heard of Kombucha? Well let me help you get excited about something good for you. Kids love the taste of Kombucha!

Change your diet to include fresh organic fruits and vegis. Any meats should be cooked at very low temperatures and eaten as close to rare as you can enjoy. Do the diet change before attempting any liver cleansing program.

Incorporate healthy fats into your diet NOW. Healthy fats do their best work for you during the fall/winter season. As spring/summer hits us you will need less fat and more fresh raw fruit.

Remember, You don't eat anything that is boxed or bagged. From this day forward You now eat only live foods. Of course this has to do with your liver!

Your environment- Just say NO to a toxic work place:

The toxic exposure your body has endured is partly why your liver is complaining. It's all that make up you put on every day, girl! Quit that filthy addictive habit and you will make the world a better place.

Make up is toxic to your liver. You know when your make up kinda just disappears from your face and you know you haven't touched your face- where did it go? Your body ate it up. Your liver has to process that make up.

What if you don't wear makeup? Does anyone else around you wear deodorant or anti-perspirant? Your body has to process the stuff they put on their body.

What kind of toxic exposure do you subject your body to on a daily basis? I bet you don't know how bad it really is. What you don't know can hurt you. Check out Hulda Regehr Clark's book -The Cure for all Diseases.

Hulda Clark's book is enlightenment! There are so many things she reveals to be toxic. It will make you angry.

For example, she reveals that there is mercury in common items you use daily. Did you know that mercury is used to sterilize cotton swabs? Tell me, who of you does not use these in your ears? Have you never put mineral oils on your baby?

That one right there ticked me off. She reveals that mineral oils causes skin cancer. Before I learned about that, I had done like every mother is admonished to dTV(via tv commercials)- I put mineral oil on my baby's skin. Argh!

Get her book. Get a new kind of education. Learn about the dangers of your unique work environmet. Search for it on Search It! Search It! is the webs newest greatest search engine tool. Once you find what you are looking for you can save your results. A tutorial pops up (be sure to enable pop ups for the use of this tool) that will take you through to super websurfing highs. You'll love it.

This is a fabulous time of year to search out a parasite cleanse program. I wish I had one to sell you. But I don't. This anti-parasite program is the one I am seriously considering. As soon as I have the moolah in my hands I'm getting my family on this program. If you choose this one be certain to do the full Colonix Pack Advanced Internal Cleansing Program. I have done many of these types of programs. They work. They have the right ingredients at appropriate levels.

And the results? Go check out their testimonials! Follow your choice of parasite removal program to completion. Jump start your better liver health.

Practice your new diet [long term]. Do the parasite removal [short term].

Here's one last thing for that liver pain [instant- quick]:

It would benefit you tremendously to purchase a far infra red heat unit. I use the "Super Radiant Dome YS-50" This unit is made in Japan. I wish I could sell you one but I can't. I have searched for suppliers and the price range is $399- $899.99 The heat unit helps the body to detox heavy metals gently and will definitely help you to feel better.

Seek out the Super Radiant Dome YS-50.

The Super Radiant dome gets toxins out real quick like- and painlessly. It's nice and toasty under the unit. Get one. Plug it in. Turn it on. Get under it. Feel better.

When you want to escape the rat race, come see us on Oregon's South Coast. We can set you up with a detox session under a Super Radiant Dome YS-50. The price varies by who provides this service. It's kinda like getting cracked by a chiropractor - instant relief.

Don't expect just one round of one program to do it for you permanently. You will notice the level of pain diminish after incorporating changes in your life style.

Take heart, you're not the only one with recurrent liver pain.

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This article is dedicated to Doug. His quick comment was the swift kick in the the butt I needed to get this info out of my head fast. Thanks Doug. And thanks to Dave R. for sending him my way. Without that note this info would still be stuck in my head - tormenting me with guilt - for not sharing everything I can to help you get well.

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