Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's My Independence Day! -
time to Detox after Amalgam Removal

I made it through the mercury amalgam removal surgery and the first 24 hours post-op. WooHOO! I'm Alive!

So what about MY part of the amalgam removal? It is my intention to create that environment which heals and promotes longevity. I have to give my body what it needs to rev-up that detox mode.

Here we go. All right now. I actually started this detox before the amalgam removal. This is what I did:

I juiced a few 'bunches' of cilantro in a juiced salad the night before and filled a pint sized mason jar to the absolute brim, then capped it and put it in the frige. I took that with me in a cooler to the dental office. I had juiced so much that I had maybe a pint to drink as well that night.

When I was at the dental office I swished this juiced cilantro salad in my mouth just before the doc was to start and then grinned at her with green teeth, coated in cilantro juice. My dentist said it would be optimal to keep it in the mouth during removal. (? eh? Did I hear yah right, girl?) Yup! "Don't rinse. It is good to have that mercury chelator in there." Okee dokee, whatever you say doc!

After each quadrant I 'swished' my mouth with chlorella before swallowing. It was the queerest thing, that Chlorella, each time it would truly bunch up into chunks/clumps at the sight all around the gums and teeth for each quadrant where the mercury amalgam fillings had most recently been removed.

I continue to 'swish' before swallowing Chlorella many times, many, many, times during the day and again at night if I awaken at all for anything. Swish, swish, swish! Then swallow.

Chlorella does the most amazing thing; it will set all the mercury lose in your body and make you pukey and then if you are really smart [and I know you are sharp, Girl!] you take more!

Yup, that's right. A certain level of it in your system frees up the mercury that is bound to your receptor sites and carry it out of your system and set you free.

When Chlorella has liberated these toxins you become nauseated. But keep going, don't stop now! Cuz a bit more Chlorella will send these refugee mercurys out of the territory of your body. Ain't it grand.

Which brings me to this: Your kidneys will be stressed from all this detox protocol. Mercury gets excreted through your urine. Great, yeah, I know. I had to drink coconut after coconut after coconut [young green coconut water] to get my kidneys up to par. I have strong healthy kidneys capable of the task of permitting the mercury to EXIT. Get out of my town, mercury; there ain't room enough for the both of us.

To support my kidneys through this trauma I choose to enjoy loads of dandelion. How? However I may best tolerate it. However I can manage to 'appreciate' the benefits I receive from the leaves and roots of this sacred plant. Juice the leaves for that salad. Boil the root for a tea. Take drops of the tincture in some water. Thank God for the dandelion.

You know how sacred something is to a culture when EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone, has many in their front yard showing it off to the whole neighborhood.

I am the Queen of Dandelions. I am telling you, my yard has the tallest dandelions in the neighborhood. That's right; organically grown and processed dandelion leaves and roots. Fresh. Loaded with nutrients- smany, it might be easier to list what they do NOT have.

How's that for bragging rights? And with all those fresh, organically grown dandelions came green butterflies, chirping crickets and those lovely little lace winged bugs. All because of my tall dandelions.

What else for optimal amalgam detox? This morning I enjoyed my original Chocolate Coconut Milk-Shake for my breakfast. Lunch was another juiced salad. Snack time I had miso soup. Dinner was yummy!

But I don't recall this sec..I'm so full...Oh, yeah! It was a different version of the juiced salad and I juiced another cilantro salad with my homemade salad dressing.

My healthy dressing choice makes the juiced cilantro salad taste delightful. I felt like I hadn't gotten enough fat today so I added an avocado, mashed up for when there was just a bit left of that juiced salad to kinda balance things out. I had forgotten to add coconut fat to my miso soup earlier in the day.

Back to my topic here. What else did I do? What have I eaten that supports optimal mercury detox? Each and every item of food I chose to eat are foods which create that environment which supports the body's ability to heal itself. Naturally! What else is a health girl supposed to do?

I oughta be giving you recipies for creating fabulous, vibrant health, too. Yes? Ok. They are at my website While you are there, sign up for my opt-in ezine so you don't miss anything new there. Living healthy can be really simple and tasty, too!

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