Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tampon Failure is THE CURSE!

Why put up with something that you know is going to fail you, girl? Tampons fail you every month. Don't put up with that! Besides, they are toxifying your body when it is trying to clean itself out.

I found something that won't fail you like the ever absorbent Tampon. It won't prevent your body from doing what it so desperately needs to do to help you get better health.

"It's Time For Tampon Failure! or is it Time You Experience The Freedom of a Menstrual Cup? I gotta tell you about this menstrual cup thing, girl! It is the alternative to this bloody panty syndrome.

Can you remember one month when you have NOT experienced tampon failure?

I have just enjoyed many months of freedom now and it is fabulous. No more tampon failure. No more fishy smell. No nasty chemical smells at all. You know that distinct scent when you're on the rag? Ugh. No more paper 'feminine product' means no more funky smells. Get set FREE!

Get your own menstrual cup.

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