Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Refreshing Tasty Water

I once read how much water to drink based on body weight. My thought was, "Just start drinking now. You'll catch up someday." So I began to drink water.

It is the perfect refreshment. My compexion began to clear and my skin began to look prettier. My hair wasn't so oily- to go along with those dry, ugly, split ends.

Water is the great fat flusher. Drink enough and toxins will be flushed out as well. Your thinking will be more clear. You can bet on fewer headaches plus a lessening of the migraines. The bowels begin to move more frequently and your abdomen won't be so distended.

Make sure the water you drink it filtered. The simple solution is a water filter that attachs to your shower. They are so simple to put on- even grandma can do it. A Pur filtration jug is even easier.

Don't chug a quart at a time. Just sipping an ounce or two every quarter hour would be absorbed much better. That way you won't have to wiz too often. You can't believe I said that. But I did, Gee Wiz!