Monday, July 04, 2005

The Detox Blues

I have been gearing up to have my amalgam fillings removed. So eating the best I can and pulling my best detox tricks out of my hat is what I have been up to these past few days.

Bleh. That's what I have to say about it. Just Bleh. I feel like crud-ola.

I'm taking bayberry root to drain out the lymph and a few others to kick it into gear. Uhke, I think I'm choking on tonsil crud.

Why do I have to feel every inch of lymph? I bet I'm the only girl who knows the path her lymph travels. I'm sore there. Under my pits, all along the lines where the bra straps go- up and over and all the way around.

I even purchased bra extendors so as to not offend my son. Before I found those I was going without the brassiere. He had a problem with that. It hurts my liver spot right under the right -right where the underwire goes- I hate that pain!

And Doctor Mercola, I just have to be the one to tell you this- underwire is merely the term for it- they quit putting wire there years ago. It's all nylon. OK? Okay. I just had to be the one to tell you.

It is SO not fair! If men had huge boobies there would be mandates for no bra wearing.

So as I'm detoxing my mind is going nuts here. All the things of ages past race through my mind. The Mind- it is a terrible thing. Oh how it endeavors to waste mankind!

As you listen to 'the mind,' what do you hear it say?
"You can't do that!"
Ever stop to ask it, why not?
"You just CAN'T!" it says again.
Who says?
"We don't DO things that way"
Well, why don't we?
"We've never done it that way before"

So, like, I'm getting to the point here, that the mind is only trying to protect itself. From what? Change. It doesn't want to change. And any pathetic excuse it can muster, every excuse is pathetic, is what it will throw at you to try to get you to NOT do anything that is good for you. You can change. You can incorporate good habits into your routines. You do it ALL the time!

Look at an ad, newspaper, magazine, television, radio- where ever you find it, it replays the same thing over and over until it has successfully implanted itself into your mind. You know it when you find yourself humming along & *POP!* the trigger is there and suddenly YOU CRAVE that item. Whatever it is. A drink, a vehicle, an item of clothing or something to munch on.

Why am I so SPACED? I've been chasing my thoughts trying to corral them all day. Maybe blahging them out will help [someone].

Detox can be started up many different ways. I juice vegis. Half a cucumber, half a fennel, in a celery base. Then I usually go and ruin that delicious flavour by putting in a huge collard green leaf. I was smart today and had the collard green straight and first! Then the bunch of parsley- drank that with my handy dandy straw so it wouldn't chunk up on me. Then, speaking of chunks, I put in a chunk of ginger. How much? A tip-of-the-pinky sized chunk of fresh Hawaiian ginger. [not the pinky- keep the pinky attatched] Then those celery, fennel pieces, and cukes went in. I use the celery to push it all through the juicer. I have an Omega Juicer same as Doctor Mercola.

Whenever I do a detox protocol there is one thing I must keep in the forefront of it all: DRINK MORE WATER. I need to keep the little 3 by 5 card minders up all over the house. I usually drink near a gallon of water in the morning before double digits hit. What this means is that when I'm detoxing I need to get in WAY more. And that, girl, is quite a challenge.

I want to be set free from those things which hold me back. Toxins, I flush you out. I juice cilantro to bind those evil mercury that is in my system. That mercury will soon be coming out.

My independence day is coming. I'm nervous. Independence has its risks, but there is no freedom so great as to choose how I will live my own life. Living on bended knee, to enjoy bread and wine, is no freedom at all. It is not the life I want to live. I will not bow down to eat pop-culture foodstuffs.

There is no success in life so great as to be able to spend my life in my own way. Or as history says Patrick Henry put it: "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!;I know not what course others may take; but as for me," Give me a good internal cleansing so that I may not experience death at such a young age as all those around me.

I don't know about you, but I want to live! It is a death to be merely subsisting on crappy food which gives no life. I would yearn for true, mortal death over a life filled with fluff. I would rather have mortal death than a Starbucks, X-box, pop-culture, chase the wind, eek out an existence. If that were my life- give me death. And HOW!