Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kefir - May 17th

I can see that the kefir grains are about to go on a growth spurt.
The milk is available. Shipping of the kefir grains will resume Monday the 22nd for foreign orders and Tuesdays the 23rd for the United States. I will send you an email with your tracking number.

Did you know?

Kombucha cultures are always available.

During the kefir drought we did ship out so many kombucha that at one time I had only 10 of those babies left and began to panic- how was I going to fill kombucha orders ?!? We started a sort of Kombucha Nursery and grew them at a lesser diameter and would you know it? They grew thicker too! The kombucha from the nursery are very smooth and beautiful. This smaller size helps us keep the shipping costs down as well. Yoda says, "Good for everyone this new Kombucha nursery is."