Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vile Bile- Liver Cleanse Superior

According to Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Diseases, which I highly recommend [find it FREE at your local library or excerpts of it online], my liver has finally been cleared sufficiently to go to the next level, whatever that may be. My bile is now to a beautiful bright green.

Beautiful. Bright green. Bile. Have you ever smelled bile? The smell of bile is horrendous! But mine is a beautiful bright green.

What I had been working on was clearing my liver. I did a course of liver cleansing which was in-depth and took a year of scheduled cleanses.

Six cleanses. One every two to three weeks.

Then moving onto cleansing at seven days prior to each solstice and equinox. There are two each, twice yearly.

Each time I would check for the indicators that I was on target. I recommend that if you are interested in cleansing your body, your bowels, your liver, that you read Hulda Clark's book - The Cure for all diseases. Find excerpts at - while this isn't HER site it is info you need to make wise choices about your life and about getting better health fast.

Don't be stubborn about changing because it is inconvenient. I know you love your dog and your cats- but keeping animals means not getting healthy. You come first, girl! Get rid of them and begin your path to better health fast!

I get to hear from girls who are ill who desperately want to get well -BUT- one thing, they have a pet. Their pet is a very good friend. I know. My dog was the best. Get rid of him! Parasites are eating your supplements and they are very healthy. You are not. Quit your pets. Quit your supplements. Cleanse your body. Cleanse your home, your life, your mind.

I say, if you don't have it in you to change your life, the way you are living, the way you are eating... If these things are so sacred to you, then don't even get started on a liver cleanse. I don't want to hear another BS report of 'oh, I tried everything and that didn't work'

If you are going to get a hold of yourself, girl and change your life for real, then I will help you. Ask me questions. I'll give you straight answers. There is just too much BS out there to wallow through.

When you hear someone talking about how something just didn't work - take a look at their life. Does their statement warrant you putting your life into it? Doubtful.

One year may be a long time to plan for and to execute something but aren't you worth it?

Start somewhere. Start already. Start NOW!