Thursday, July 28, 2005

Are You a Bathing Beauty?

Take a cleansing bathe to assist any detox. I did this one to assist the mercury amalgam detox.

An Epsom Salts bathe for Amalgam Detox [or any time you want to feel like crudola- uh, I mean, raise the bar on getting healthier]:

Using the hottest water I could tolerate for this cleansing bath, I poured in the entire 4 pound box of Epsom Salts. Yup. The whole thing. No reason to skimp. I wanna get that crud out of my system. I added a cup of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother [shake it up before you pour it out], and fresh grated ginger- about a thumbs worth.

This Detox Bath Recipe gets the lymph flowing to cleanse the body and take out the trash as it were. It really works well. How you will know is that you will feel like crud. Crud will be coming off your tongue so get a scraper if you haven't already invested in one. Your tonsils will dump crud down your throat, so be prepared to be gagging as the lymph begins to dump. Regardless of how unpleasant it is to have this crud dumping experience it is far better than keeping that crud inside of you.

Enjoy the 30 minute soak. I recommend dripping dry and resting for 8 hours before rinsing so that salts will have time to work further on your system. Go ahead and wash and dry your feet though. A whole lot of crud comes off there.

When you shower (the next day) 8 hours later, you can do another soak but just for the feet to keep the crud exiting. Enjoy 2 or 3 bathes of this sort each week but not more often.

I breathe deeply during that half hour soak. This is how the lymph is pumped through you system. So that means, even while you are sick and in bed you can do something to increase your health- you can breathe deeply!

You go, girl! BREATHE!