Saturday, December 15, 2007

Flax Seed Oil is Brain food, Girl!

Flax Seed Oil will make you smart, diminish allergies, give you glowing skin -
Diminish the risk of allergies and heart troubles. Improve digestion.

Most health issues are related to digestive insufficiencies which lead to cancer. Cancer means your body is confused.

Flax Seed Oil is a documented anti-cancer agent. Four ounces of nonfat cottage cheese and three tablespoons of fresh Flax Seed Oil each day for three months. The EFA's go right into the blood stream. {1953 research - Bugwig} Sounds pretty good, eh?

I am researching the effectiveness of using cultured vegis as the medium in place of the cottage cheese since both are sulfur-rich. Try it and tell me how it works for you!

Help your body to wise up. Ingest this stuff. You will feel better.

It alleviates depression and the desire to drink [alcohol] excessively. Now there's a good reason to take your Flax!

Of all the environmental factors in your life, you have complete control over what you put into your mouth.

You need this oil to get your adrenal hormones working appropriately (sex hormones, too, so give some to your man).

And while I am on that topic, you can overcome vaginal dryness as well as lack of fertility. More fun! When your body is healthy you won't suffer those kind of female issues. Make sure your man gets his daily dose of EFA's. Mix it into that cottage cheese or cultured vegis. Add some Celtic Sea Salt. Yummy!

Try Barlean's or Omega Nutrition's Flax Seed Oil.