Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tampon Failure is THE CURSE!

Why put up with something that you know is going to fail you, girl? Tampons fail you every month. Don't put up with that! Besides, they are toxifying your body when it is trying to clean itself out.

I found something that won't fail you like the ever absorbent Tampon. It won't prevent your body from doing what it so desperately needs to do to help you get better health.

"It's Time For Tampon Failure! or is it Time You Experience The Freedom of a Menstrual Cup? I gotta tell you about this menstrual cup thing, girl! It is the alternative to this bloody panty syndrome.

Can you remember one month when you have NOT experienced tampon failure?

I have just enjoyed many months of freedom now and it is fabulous. No more tampon failure. No more fishy smell. No nasty chemical smells at all. You know that distinct scent when you're on the rag? Ugh. No more paper 'feminine product' means no more funky smells. Get set FREE!

Get your own menstrual cup.

Healthy Fat- Are you sure about that?

I started adding healthy fats to my diet back in 1996 and right away I began to drop weight and make my hormones happy, too.

Healthy fats get your thyroid working better. Without a healthy functioning thyroid you will be obese!

Oh, did you think all fats were bad? Now you will think again, eh, girl!

Your womanly body thrives on healthy fats. If you don't get enough into your body then your needy body will desperately create, yes, manufacture more than it needs in its confusion so that it can use the nutrients that you ingest while you end up putting on the pounds! You don't want that, girl!

I am going to make the best of these healthy fats available to you. I am looking for the suppliers with the best price. I search frequently for best prices on wise supplement choices- these three are the best I have found as far as products themselves.

Purity Farms Ghee
Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil
Carlson's Cod Liver Oil

It didn't take long before the benefits of coconut fat use showed up IN my skin.

I glow. I feel better. Fewer blemishes. My thyroid disturbances aren't so traumatic when I get enough coconut fat and raw butter into me.

Not having food cravings all day and improved digestion are all great reasons to eat these healthy fats.

Here is something to improve your health. Ingest this healthy fat cocktail: (some) Cod liver oil, (some) ghee and (some) zinc. I take a tablespoon each of those healthy fats and 30 mg of zinc gluconate if I haven't had any seaweed.

What does it do? Re-enamalizes the teeth. Now that's some healthy fat! So how's that for healthcare AND dental insurance?

Who said fats weren't healthy? You know better now, girl. And now you can eat healthy fats for yourself and enjoy the benefits of your wise choices.