Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lose weight! HOW? Get More Sleep!

Losing fat is hard to do.

To lose fat your body must believe that there is no famine, plenty of food to be had, so that it needn't retain fat. And then your metabolism must be high enough to burn fat off. And you know the one common thread to many studies? People who don't get enough sleep don't seem to be able to lose weight, whereas people who get plenty of sleep have an easier time losing weight. [hint- go to bed earlier!]

There are many theories, having to do with stress, and other such ideas, but I have a very different one, having to do with survival in the wild.

When is the one time when an animal can have a calorie deficit (metabolism is higher than food intake), yet not eat any food at all, and still not take that as a sign of famine? How about this: when the animal is asleep!

For that reason it is very likely that your sleeping metabolism is even more important than your waking metabolism. The only facet of your sleeping metabolism that you have control over is how much muscle mass you have.

So if instead of trying too fast and dropping ten pounds of muscle you used the SCT/XFT style of training for 6 months and added 10 lbs of muscle you'd be burning 300 to 500 extra calories a day.

All other things being equal just how much fat would you lose if you burned an extra 300 to 500 calories a day?

How much fat is that? It's about one pound of fat every 10 days, or about 3 lbs of fat a month.

Some of that fat would come from inside your muscles, making them look more toned. Some of that fat would come from outside making them look more defined.

Now here's the great part, you are losing that regularly even if you stop at just 10 extra lbs of muscle. If you keep going for a year you can double that rate of fat loss.

It isn't fast, but it isn't the yo-yo diet of the month club either....

Learn more about Static Contraction Training from Tony Reno.

Get off the computer and get more sleep, girl!