Monday, September 12, 2005

Shoot Me! I am in unreasonable pain.

Pounding head pain in my frontal lobe. Nausea. I have definite and serious pain.

It is way beyond my bedtime. What am I doing up this late?

I am dehydrated. My throat is dry like COTTON- the feeling of candida over growth.

My mouth hurts. My neck is swollen. My throat is sore in every possible way. There is obvious and undeniable infection in my neck and throat.

Good Grief! Complications off Mercury Amalgam removal? You bet!

Could this effect be amplified by something in or lacking in my surroundings?

I think so! For one, I spent way too much time on the computer today. The second bad thing, I failed to put my Q-Link back on after my shower.

That was no doubt it. The combination of me being in and around EMF's without being shielded in my cocoon.


I didn't do this deliberately. Now I can hardly swallow my own spit.