Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!

Are you allergic to pepper? Do you choke frequently on freshly ground pepper at the dinning table? Do you want a solution to this embarrassing problem?

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" provides a real solution to your choking problems.

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" can be put into your pepper shaker to give that look of 'I'm normal' 'I can have pepper just like everyone else can' without the embarrassment of choking on your meal in front of all your dining companions.

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" looks just like real pepper. Others can use it too and you won't get caught for a long time. No one has figured it out yet in our home experiments.

"I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" is simply kelp granules.

Kelp granules, as you might have figured out, look just like pepper. While they don't taste like pepper nor do they produce the violent choking reaction, they do shake and sprinkle just like real pepper does. End of embarrassment.

Bring "I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" with you when you dine out. Just put a small pepper shaker filled with kelp granules in a zip loc baggie and set it on the table at a sly momment and you're home free! [of the choking]

Try slipping it up to the table by pointing out something behind your dining companions (with the one hand) and placing the "I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" shaker on the table with the other. You might need to remove the 'extra' (real) pepper shaker to another table just to be safe. Just remember to retrieve your 'pepper' shaker before you leave the establishment. ;-)

Order your "I Can't Believe It's Not PEPPER!" kelp granules today!

It's really inexpensive- about $1.40 for 4 ounces. That is cheap! And 4 ounces will last you quite a while.

I didn't mention the taste that kelp granules gives to a dish because we haven't noticed any change in the taste. I am certain the pepper aficianados will pick out that this is not pepper but as for the rest of us... who cares. Kelp is good for your thyroid and supports better health in a whole host of other ways. Kelp granules will soon become something you won't want to be without.