Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why do a Liver Cleanse?

Do you know what a liver cleanse is? It is a clearing out of the stones that are blocking the flow in your liver ducts.

After a series of liver cleansing purges your liver will function better in an unblocked state. You will be able to stand up to viral infections and be healthy.

Your colon must be healthy and clean before liver cleansing. If you suspicion candida, then you have holes in your colon. Please don't take on a liver cleanse until your colon has healed.

Maybe your colon isn't prepared to have a bunch of hardend toxic crud sent into it. Get your colon healthy first.

You have to change the way you eat -Make that- You have to change the way you live. It is a total lifestyle change to move from the way you think about food to the way you will think about it when you are well- when you colon is healthy.

If you are already living clean and are ready for the next level then listen to what John Tripodi said...

It is true that a liver cleanse should not be done until your colon is working properly. That includes removing mucoid plaque, killing all stages of parasites and rebalancing your friendly bacteria. Then and only then will your liver benefit from any cleanse. It is important to note, by properly cleansing your colon you will be inadvertantly also cleansing your liver, gall bladder, pancreas as well as virtually every other organ in your body. It all starts with the colon.

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Thanks for your input John!