Saturday, August 06, 2005

After the Anesthesia wears off...

It feels like physical trauma. My whole body is, (how do I accurately describe this?) ... it feels like someone kicked the sh*t out of me. While it might be helpful to have that removed from my body, it blows feeling like this.

I would consider you merciful if you would provide me useful pointers on what I might do to *feel* better.

My jaw is sore; moving towards painful; I can't chew without pain yet, not that I would even consider trying.

The revision on my lower right has not maintained form. I haven't the inclination to look at the upper.

I have been using a far red heat unit for lymph detox. Epsom Salt Baths. Apple Cider Vinegar bath. Essential Oils. Rest. Drinking water, but not nearly as much as I usually drink; I can't seem to get it down.

Speaking of drinks, I juiced Dandelion Greens today. And I drank them, too.

Chlorella- I don't know how to figure dosage on that one. Chlorella should liberate the mercury at a certain dosage though not bind it. At that point I should feel pukey; I haven't reached that point. High dose should bind more that it can liberate or mobilize. I just need to swallow more of those pills. I wish I had it in the powdered form from BioPure. Their chlorella worked much better than what I have now.

I think I need a more significant mineral source. I am using dulse. That should do it but ... ?

MSN, I can't chew so I am not eating my cultured vegis. I am using Rich 'n Pure MSN lotion though. Sulfur binds mercury.

I haven't taken any Goatien yet. I am thinking that it may provide electrolytes which work in the cell's membrane to create an ionic potential which could allow cellular (blah, blah, shut up! Shut up, girl!) products to be excreted if they wanted to be liberated into my already over loaded lymph -but maybe they don't want to go? What is the mercurys affinity to my body and how do I give it the exit passage? If you know please, do share.

What have I missed? Minerals along with Vitamin C release mercury from the tissues. Maybe that is what I have missed; I haven't made those two as a cocktail. Perhaps?

I juiced a head of garlic Sunday night. That was fun, breathing dragon breath, uh, I mean garlic breath.

What does it REALLY mean to augment something? I was reading, in the same article, that Buffered Vitamin C powder augments the excretion of mercury. But then it goes on to say that Vitamin C decreases unpleasant detox reactions. Can this be true? One and the same? Does both? If this is true, then Perhaps I should take even more of my Thorne Buffered vitamin C powder. *shudder*

I bring the vitamin C cocktail before me. I breath, in and out. I think calmness. I breathe in, [inhales], [holds breath], I breath out. I think I am going to gag.

Try again.

I breathe in; think "Peace, Peace." I breath out. I breath in, I chug. I shudder. I swish the glass with fresh water as an invountarily shudder over-takes my being as I bring the glass up to my lips once more.

What the heck?!~ Why do I have to take this stuff when my fat sisters are chugging Starbucks, and sodas and eating wheat and corn with impunity. IT'S NOT FAIR! Where is MY twinkie, popsicle, pop-culture, white trash life?!?

How come everybody else gets all the fun while I get to philosophize on how best to detox heavy metal from my precious body? (whiner- go to bed, girl)

I think I'm gonna whine about this more- tomorrow. I know that people who are under the influence of anesthesia can be a bit difficult, so, I'm signing off. Good night.

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