Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stretch thy fun and fullfillment boundaries
on New Years Day

The Polar Swim is a great way to start off your New Year with a challenge. Stretch yourself by executing a feat off the mundane path of predictability. Dash thyself into the Pacific Ocean on New Years Day.

Upon the beach (local to Coos Bay, Oregon- at Sunset Bay) clad in bathing suits, flippers and silly goggles if you must, at the stroke of 9AM, all run swiftly into the icy waters. This is the Polar Swim.

Bring jugs of hot water to rinse off with after your quick dip. Bring many towels. First one in, last one out. The craziest things are done by those who can. woohoo!

JUMP IN! Will you do it?

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(c) gohealthgirl.com said...

That was cold. Must post photo!